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Is Bitcoin gradually submerging with the Pop Culture?

Pop Culture has recently generated interest in the Bitcoins and cryptocurrency market. This newly developed interest has significantly affected the awareness and welfare of people in Bitcoins, which has even affected the prices of Bitcoins.

So, if we talk about the first one who exploited the first-mover advantage over this untapped market, which had the potential to get into people’s minds, it was Netflix who displayed its first documentary on Bitcoins. Fortunately, it wasn’t the least one as people demanded more content regarding the same. For more information, you can visit this website.

So, let’s put light on how bitcoins started to merge with the pop-culture and which were that series that highlighted Bitcoins’ concept in the first place.

1) The Simpsons

Bitcoin’s concept came in front of the people for the first time in 2013 through a show ‘The Simpsons’ that was even before the cryptocurrency-based documentary on Netflix.

The Simpsons are considered as a weather glass for the culture of Americans. So, when the bitcoins were pointed out in the series, it became quite clear that even when bitcoins were infamous, Americans were aware of the concept even at that time.

To get a glimpse of the Bitcoin outlining, you can refer to the episode named “Clown in the Dumps,” where Krusty the Klown held this bad fortune responsible for the downfall of the value of Bitcoins. Even in further episodes, Bitcoins were mentioned as sarcasm and outlined Bitcoin’s widespread acceptance in the country.

2) The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is a famous series whose season 11 was entirely dedicated to Bitcoins as the originators noticed the hike in bitcoins’ value in a short period. If we talk about the amount of Bitcoins at that time, it was around $10,000 per bitcoin, which was a big deal.

As a result of this increasing importance of Bitcoins in the market, the originators of The Big Bang Theory started devoting around 19-minutes of the prime-time hours just to cryptocurrencies, i.e. bitcoins.

But what pulled people back were the errors and misconceptions shown in the episodes as people gradually realized that the originators do not have a fair regarding the working of Bitcoins. So, what the originators presented in episodes was quite different from the reality.

3) Grey’s Anatomy

This was another incident where we find pop-culture merging with bitcoins. Bitcoin made its appearance in Grey’s Anatomy and its hospital drama. The experiences highlighted in these episodes were not fake but accurate and precise and considered the ransom attack in the UK.

The episode was released in 2017, where the ransom attacks and cryptocurrencies were brought into the light in front of a wider audience.

In this drama, the ransoms asked for a particular number of bitcoins in exchange for their hospital data, which was hijacked earlier. The current value of bitcoins that the ransomware asked is around $47 million just in business for patient and medical records.

4) Family Guy

Family Guy also gave a glimpse of Bitcoins in one of its episodes. As it is a family series, people of all ages from small kids of older people encountered the concept of bitcoins. But the idea was outlined in a wrong way where many people misconceived the idea. It was clear that the composers had no idea about what bitcoins are, how they work.

In episode 14, when the main character Peter Griffin said that bitcoins are an answer to one’s financial crimes. This dialogue made people believe that there are no risks with bitcoins, which is a false statement. Such fake statements make people believe what is not valid, and there are many people out there who fall into the trap as they do not take the initiative to research themselves.

How Netflix influenced people’s minds?

Suppose we get back to documentaries on cryptocurrencies on Netflix, we cannot underestimate the influence that the documentary had on people’s minds. The composers worked on the content by interviewing various real-life personalities.

Such true and original content cast a shadow on bitcoins’ true face rather than keeping people in the dark shadow where they dream of becoming rich overnight just by buying bitcoins.

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