The Boys Season 3 finale showed the death of a beloved Supe that no one ever have dreamt of dying, even in their wildest dreams. Yes, we are talking about the only superhero who, for most parts, stayed loyal to Homelander.

Warning: Do not read the article if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Black Noir visited Vought Tower to meet Homelander and he met his dark fate at the hands of the latter. After witnessing the shocking death, fans still hope to see Black Noir again. Well, Is the beloved Super really dead? You’ll learn about the same in the article as we discuss all the possible theories.

Is Black Noir dead in The Boys Season 3?

Black Noir has been a mystery since Season 1, and fans were curious to know about his past, which was revealed in The Boys Season 3, Episode 7. His backstory is revealed after he runs away from Vought Tower and finds shelter in an abandoned school. There, we meet some of Black Noir’s imaginary cartoon friends, who have been by his side for all these years.

Fans also came to know that Black Noir knew that Soldier Boy was alive all these years. In fact, he is the one who put Soldier Boy in Russia all those years back. After learning that Soldier Boy has returned, Black Noir goes into hiding, and we learn that Soldier Boy badly tortured him during his time in the superhero group, Payback.

Anyway, Black Noir decided to fight Soldier Boy when he was encouraged by his cartoon friends. However, when he goes to Homelander to say he is willing to help him kill Soldier Boy, he meets his dark fate at the hands of Homelander. The latter kills him because Black Noir hid the fact that Soldier Boy is Homelander’s father.

His death sequence was so disheartening, especially when we saw the animated creatures bidding him goodbye with tears in their eyes. Hence, it was confirmed that this character is actually dead in the show.

Will Black Noir be in The Boys Season 4?

While fans were mourning the death of Black Noir, a piece of exciting news started taking the internet on the storm. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eric Kripke disclosed that a person who always wears a mask and a black suit could be recast. Yes, the person who was killed by Homelander won’t make a comeback, but a new Black Noir replacing the old one isn’t a bad idea.

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