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Is Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR Worth Your Time?

By Bea

Keanu Reeves is hands down one of our top picks of Hollywood people. I mean he’s the guy who played John Wick, Constantine, and Neo over a span of decades. That’s a whole lot of iconic characters to play in one’s lifetime! Apart from acting, he also owns a production company, co-founded a motorcycle company and a book publishing company. Whew! Just when you think the guy couldn’t do more, now, he’s also a comic book writer! The big question is, is Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR worth your time?


BRZRKR is a comic book series written by Keanu Reeves and New York best-selling graphic novelist Matt Kindt. Published by BOOM! Studios, its first issue came out March 3 this year, so it’s still pretty new. Given that, it’s not too late to catch up on the first issue since the series will have a *limited* total of 12. Apart from its story, a comic book won’t be complete without its visuals. Illustrated by acclaimed artist Ron Garney and colorist Bill Crabtree, BRZRKR’s legendary team of artists is definitely an impressive feat.

BRZRKR In A Nutshell

The series centers on a guy called “B.” (Berseker as he’s named in the solicitation) who is half-mortal, half-God. After wandering the world for 80,000 years and living a cursed life, B. finally finds his calling by working for the US government to fight the most violent and dangerous battles that ordinary people can’t. However, the hardest battle of all is the one he has with himself. In exchange for his services, they promise to give him the one thing he truly desires – to find out the truth behind his endless, violent existent.. and how to end it. Check out the trailer voiced by Keanu Reeves himself above.


Selling over 615,000 copies at the distributor level, the first issue is now the highest-selling original comic book launch in nearly thirty years. Because of its success, BOOM! Studios will have a fourth printing of BRZRKR#1 just to meet the demand. This just shows the palpable hype behind the series, which I think has a lot to do with Reeves’ name being attached to it. So does it live up to the hype?

The Verdict

Based on the first issue alone, the comic book doesn’t really live up to the hype. But this is mainly because the hype surrounding the series was just too much given its A-list team. This fact alone is already setting up a lot of room for dissatisfaction. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty good and definitely worth your time (that’s if you have a lot of it), especially if you love blood and gore.

The first issue is likened to a single action sequence with its eighties action movie influences. However, its entertaining violence comes at the expense of its plot. The first few pages is basically B. killing everything in his path (in extremely creative ways), and this is where the emotion and heart of the story gets lost. Part of why this is so is the lack of dialogue in the issue. Most of the story is told through a narration that readers already know from the premise. Basically, it doesn’t give its readers something they don’t already know.

The main verdict here is that BRZRKR isn’t really off to a great start, but the first issue isn’t really enough to judge the entire series. This just means that it has 11 more chances to make it into the awesome series it set itself up to be.

What’s Next?

BRZRKR#2 is coming out this April 28th and we are already looking forward to what B. is up to next. Who knows, maybe this one can redeem the first issue. Besides, we still have a long way to go to fully know its story.

In other news, Netflix also announced that it secured the rights to BRZRKR for a live-action film AND an animated series. This is pretty surprising because the planned 12-issue run isn’t even complete! It will be produced by Reeves alongside Ross Richie and Stephen Christy from BOOM! Studios

Moreover, Keanu Reeves himself is starring in the live-action film and will lend his voice to the anime, and we are all for it! I mean the guy has action star written all over him. Since the comic book series is still far from over, there are no details yet for BRZRKR’s arrival on the screen. All we know is that Reeves is extremely busy with Matrix 4 coming out this December, and with him reprising his role as John Wick for two more sequels shot back-to-back. With all of his upcoming projects, we can say that Keanu Reeves has definitely gone berserk!


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