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Today when I passed by the (only) local Mac shop in my island I, for no apparent reason, decided to go step in again. Even though the 2nd Gen iPod Nanos were already sold out, when I turned around I was in for a nice surprise. For the first time, on any shop that sells Mac products here, I saw an iTrip Nano for sale, and since I was already thinking of getting one before Christmas, I decided it would be best to buy it at the moment before someone else would.

That previous paragraph might sound a little pathetic, but since the product stock of our computer stores is so ridiculously low, if you have the chance to purchase a rare product you should take it (here). Of course, I could always order it later through the internet, but the price was decent in any case (65â?¬). The online store I was going to purchase it from had it for sale for 5â?¬ less, without counting with the shipping costs. So it was a good deal for me. In any case, onto the review!

First of all, unlike the iPod Nano, the pleasure didn’t start with the box. In fact, the iTrip’s box is horrible. It looks like one of those action-figures box with the plastic look-through. I compared it with the iPod Nano’s box. I think the result speaks for itself, but stick around! The device isn’t as bad as the box, I promise.

The device itself is pretty easy to setup, just plug it in the bottom of your iPod, and on it’s screen you will see the radio frequency it’s transmitting. You can then regulate that frequency with the side-joystick of the iTrip or press it a few times to access the other settings. Another neat feature, is that you can plug a USB cable to the bottom of the iTrip and charge up the iPod at the same time you transmit music to your radio.

After setting the device for European in the menu I synchronized the frequency in my alarm-clock radio (the only radio I have around the house) to the one being transmitted. And after a few seconds, voilá! I was hearing one of my favorite tracks from the Japanese artist/band: Suneohair.

So far so good, and it would have been perfect, except for one, little, design flaw. It’s very difficult for the iPod’s top to stay connected to the iTrip at the back. Not that that is influential on how the device works but it’s proof that it could have been designed a little better.

Even with this small flaw, the iTrip looks absolutely gorgeous with the iPod on it (specially if it’s black, like mine) and it works flawlessly also, at least so far.

I give the iTrip Nano a 4.7 out of 5 – if you have an iPod Nano, and a car (with a radio), I think that this is one of the best accessories you can get.

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