It's Gonna Be A Long One....

Remember the halcyon days of Box Office Poison? Or the incomparable Love Sucks?

Possibly not. They were small press titles in the mid-Nineties, the former from Antarctic Press, later re-printed by Top Shelf; and the latter a 1996 five issue series from Ace.

Both were quite the deviation from my standard spandex fare, but were classics, portraits of modern relationships without being soppy, without undue drama and with a touch of humour. But just a touch, these were observational pieces designed to make you smile, not bwah-ha-ha slapstick.

Now David’s Hahn’s All-Nighter seems to lack that humour, the central character carry a far greater cynicism as we like to think fashionable nowadays. Although when was cynicism ever not considered fashionable? Even if it can be overplayed somewhat.

With this in mind, I really didn’t want to like All-Nighter. An interesting mystery regarding our heroine – erm, our central character Kit, introduced on page one with typical teenage drama, and then not really touched again bar a few panels. As for the supporting cast, they are either non-descript (so far, that is) or thoroughly loathsome. The cast that had personalities irritated me, and the ones who I would like to see more of seemed to be non-descript character foils.

Yet there was a little something that made me want to read more. The first page mystery (which I’m sure is all blown out of proportion in true teenage style) has given me the impetus to return to these pages. Maybe the issue is too short, or so far, I don’t like the character’s actions. I don’t want to come back, but I think I will.

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