iYip by Sesame Street
iYip by Sesame Street

Remember those adorable Martians from Sesame Street? The ones that go yip yip yip yip… Well, they are back on Earth and have spent some time in the studio to make sure that iPhone users will never miss those Martian sounds anymore. More than yip yip yip, the soundboard that the Sesame Street Martians (dubbed iYip for iPhone) includes a wide array of words and phrases that they have learned while Earth-side. (Some people would say all the yipping gets on their nerves after a while, but I have to respectfully disagree.)

Using iYip for iPhone, you can hear the Martians say “yip”, “nope”, and even “pass the salt”! Use all 78 of the Martian sayings – classic and new – to do all sorts of things. From talking on the phone like the Sesame Street Martians to setting a Martian alarm – I can already see myself having tons of fun with iYip for iPhone! Wanna bet that the Martian alarm will wake me up like no other alarm? (That or make me go back to sleep dreaming of cookies like Cookie Monster.) If the preset sayings are not enough for you, you can even download additional sayings. Some examples (just imagining these uttered in those Martian voices is getting me all excited!):

  • Brrring
  • Greetings
  • Hello
  • Love Ya
  • What
  • Txt Me L8r
  • Holla Back
  • Goodbye
  • Toodle-oo
  • Who This
  • Hold

I do disagree with how “txt me l8r” is written, but hey, I guess even Martians can adapt to the times. :s

Of course, there are other practical uses…Going to a party where you don’t know anyone? Just whip out your iPhone (or iPod Touch or iPad – the only requirement is that you are running iOS 3.0 or later) and let the Martians do your socializing. Perfect idea, yes?

You don’t think it’s cool? Check out this video where the Martians do the recording for iYip for iPhone.

If that doesn’t convince you to shell out $0.99 on the iTunes store, then you ought to get your head checked. Seriously.

P.S. If you grew up on Sesame Street like me, then you might want to take a look at the other apps that Sesame Street has on the iTunes store.

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