Monopoly is the game that breaks the strongest bonds – from friendship to family. Still, it remains one of the most popular board games of all time.

If the countless versions of the game – official or homemade – doesn’t convince you of that fact, then I don’t know what will.

Fallout Monopoly: Collector’s Edition

One thing we will probably agree on today is this: the Monopoly Japanese Traditional Arts & Crafts Edition may very well be the most beautiful version of the game ever made.

The “Japanese Monopoly Edition” was designed and created for Nakagawa Masamichi, a popular – and established – Japanese lifestyle store. Just how established? 300 years old established.

Instead of places and cards, the game uses unique Japanese crafts. The Japanophile in you will be happy as a child in the candy store – or video game store, I guess.

Japanese Monopoly edition

The player pieces are deer, which is the symbol of Nara where Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten was founded. This is for the special edition of the game – yes, there are two versions. As if the concept isn’t unique enough!

Japanese monopoly edition player pieces

If you’re really into all things Japanese, you can’t miss out on this Monopoly board. Check out White Rabbit Japan for purchase details (they make it easier for those outside the country to spend money buy collectibles).

As unique as this version may be, I think it will not differ from all the other versions in one way.

monopoly meme

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