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Get these Japanese-style geek designs on your basic mug

While there are outrageous mugs that you can buy, sometimes a simple one will do for your favorite hot drink. Especially if the design is geeky enough. PopUpTee offers cute art on their mugs, and we looked for some Japanese-themed ones that you can get

The Mandalorian

The common visual of most mugs on this list is the handpainted look of the character with their names written in Japanese characters. Here, The Mandalorian’s bust is rendered in a classic Japanese style, a subtle flex of your geekiness as you sip your coffee from this mug.

The Child

You can’t separate The Child from The Mandalorian. Given the cute stature of “Baby Yoda,” its full body can fit on the mug. If The Child is this cute at 50 years old, we will definitely be seeing this form in the series as a time skip is highly unlikely.


Let the King of Monsters go on a fiery rampage on your mug’s small city. Perfect for those moments when you need a strong coffee to start the day. You can also flash it during one of your Zoom minutes to express your anger in a non-confrontative way.


One Piece’s Monkey D. Luffy gets his own classic Japanese art treatment with this mug. The dynamic pose is rendered nicely, which given the aesthetic might make you ask if he’s preparing for a punch or acting for a kabuki. Still cool!


Last but definitely not least is this design inspired by Hokusai’s classic work The Great Wave off Kangawa. This time, it is a couple of Magikarp riding the waves, as they presumably work hard to transcend from being lowly water Pokemon to becoming mighty Gyarados.

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