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JiffyBill.com is the first free website designed to simplify the task of tracking debts between friends. The site has a clean, simple interface that walks members through the process of creating and sending a bill to multiple parties, in any national currency. It then mediates communication between the bill recipients by sending email notifications of new comments and payments. The “My Balances” tab is an organizational tool that tracks balances between users and eliminates the guess-work that occurs as memories fade. With JiffyBill you always know who owes you how much, and why.

There is lots more explanatory marketing-type speak on the website, but that’s the general gist. I came up with the site because I’m a geek myself and I always go out to lunch with my programming team(s) and often one person will pay. I have seen email, paypal, and excel spreadsheets used to track these debts, and I finally decided to build something more elegant for keeping track of things.

For those interested, the site is running on Linux, apache, PHP, postgresql, and my own php C extension YATS for templating. Oh yeah, and I built it to be really fast to withstand a slashdotting, but they rejected my submission, so cmdrtaco et al are not allowed to use it. (j/k guys!)

Looks like it might be a handy thing to have if you have a bunch of lousy friends that never pay you back for things. It would be convenient to have PayPal integrated into the site so you the person you are billing could easily click on a “Pay this Debt with PayPal” button and send the money to the person that sent the bill.

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