JSP Set Up Guide for Windows

Kevin Yank’s SitePoint article, JSP Quick-Start Guide for Windows, seems to be a pretty good guide to getting a system set up for starting JSP development.

According to Yank, the guide is somewhat aimed toward developers that focus on design, but like to dabble in scripting.

Setting up a server environment to develop and test JSPs can be a confusing task, especially since most of the documents written to guide users through the process are steeped in technical mumbo jumbo that assumes you already know JSP inside and out. If you’re just getting started with JSPs, you want a step-by-step guide to getting a server up and running in short order so that you can concentrate on learning the language, and worry about the details of server configuration later.

My only addition would be to note that setting up Apache+Tomcat is overkill in most cases. If someone just wants to dabble, installing only Tomcat, which can operate as a stand-alone container, is more than sufficient.

Also, extra bonus points for his recommended use of Apache 2.x. *gasp*

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