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JT Music's Joker Song Ought To Put A Smile On Your Face

It’s not just you, it is getting crazier out there with all the issues everyone’s facing. Funny thing is, we’d never take notice of those problems if not for Joker. Turns out, Batman’s arch-nemesis is a great way to personify everything the symptoms of our society. At times, however, he can be a difficult character to fathom; so it’s up to some symbolic Joker song interpretations to do the job.

That’s where JT Music comes in. They took the task of delving deep into the rabbit hole of the Joker’s mind and came up with a Joker music to explore how the Clown Prince of Crime sees himself. Check it out for yourself in case you’re feeling down and just can’t help but laugh at things:


“This Joker film gave us an interesting pallet to play with as we’re pulling back the veil on a character that has had many interpretations. So nailing that down based off of the trailers and our previous understanding of the Joker was a fun challenge,” explained the artistic minds of JT Music. After all, getting Joker down correctly would require a bit of insanity, something that certainly took its toll on one actor.

The irony is that everyone knows Batman better than the Joker; so JT Music just had to peek under that red smile and psychotic white makeup. What’s even more impressive is how JT Music actually began production of their Joker song, “Ear to Ear,” before Joker even premiered.

“Considering the production of the song and video were all before anyone saw the movie, I (we) would have to say we’re very happy with how much the final product relates to the actual film,” added JT Music.

Check out their YouTube channel or official website if you want more similar musicals from popular films, video games, and other media!

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