JUSTICE! L.L.C. Is the Most Ridiculous Superhero Card Game You'll Ever Play

But ridiculous is good. Especially when you’ve had one drink too many. And then there’s the superhero and superpower element.

What could go wrong?

Pfft. Nothing, of course.

So why don’t you make sure you help turn this superhero card game JUSTICE! L.L.C. into reality?

With powers like being able to shoot acorns with your nipples (this reminds me of the Rock popping his pecs and shooting little berries all over the place), having x-ray vision that works only on fish (watch out, Aquaman!), and being able to shapeshift but only into an oyster (uh…that would be cool if you can make pearls), hilarity is guaranteed. Inebriated or not.

Of course, every hero has his weaknesses, and this game doesn’t take that out of the equation. The disadvantages of the game are just as ridiculous – maybe even more – as the superpowers.

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How does having to eat a kitten to activate your powers sound? Not cool man. Not cool. Unless you want to rely on your God-given normal talents without having to tap into that superpower of yours. (Side note: Watch out for PETA.)

Of course, there have to be crises. Else, how can superheroes do what they do? This, my friends, may very well be the clincher.

Two words: Tom Cruise.

Tell me how you’re going to use your power against that.

So how is the game played in real life? Let’s check a demo out. Technical issues and all.

This is one card game that should make its way to every geek’s collection, and to make that possible, give them a helping hand on Kickstarter. They have quite a ways to go.

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