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Justice League: Why Box Office Figures Don't Tell The Truth?

Most people I interacted have openly said that they liked Justice League. But none of them really told me that they loved it. The film which came following at least 3 run-up films didn’t arouse huge interest since all its preceding movies were out and out trash and most viewers stamped them as unwatchable. In this respect, Justice League really had to fight an uneven and unfavourable battle to get accepted among the viewers. Many reviewers think this utter failure of its run-up movies actually caused the box office debacle of the movie. But, with Justice League really not making an impressive show it is likely to be the last nail in the coffin if the franchise.

But as for my personal opinion, the criticism is not really reflecting the real worth of the movie. It can be a film with too many potholes for the true viewer experience but it is not as bad as it is commented to be by most critics. I feel the box office figures really do not reflect the real worth of the movie. Considering many aspects I still feel 39% Rotten Tomatoes rating is not totally justified a score for the film. It is actually a little more lighthearted and funny as a superman film and in that respect it looks more genuine than the preceding franchise. The Justice League watches are available at major online outlets such as Tic Watches alongside other designer watch brands like ticwatches Michael Kors.

To feel up the negative prejudices and vibes that prevailed across criticisms about the movie, Justice League producers came with high quality designer merchandise. Among the various merchandises that this movie franchise offers for the enthusiasts and the fashionable audience, the Justice League themed watches produced and marketed by Police Watches are really worth mentioning. Police Watches as a sought after designer watch brand incorporated the real true vibe of this superhero movie through the watch face.

There are many viewers who allege that Justice League doesn’t have really meme-worthy moments. But in other regards, Justice League seems to deliver a powerful package full of striking and stunning moments and fast paced action drama. While enchanting movement of game characters with their gaming actions always kept watchers glued to the screen, we have several moments of comic relief as well. Comprising all these Justice League not really fails to offer a great film experience that users remain enchanted with.

The film is packed with several great moments as well. The character Diana charging across No Man’s Land makes a memorable moment. The new and completely refurbished Superman looks a bit confused but he just makes his presence through the best fight scenes if the movie. Another positive aspect of the consistency of the characters and the heroic roles. Unlike the Batman turning into murderous psychopath in whose hands criminals get killed in jail, the superman here in Justice League remains consistent in character and through actions.

In the last analysis, these characters were depicted as they were originally meant to be. Batman in the film was the unwilling leader coming with his own master plan of actions while Wonder Woman serves as the real engine of the battling group. Both Flash and Cyborg came in the movie as the new heroes jumping on the struggle for power. Aquaman in this film appeared with a completely new avatar and Momoa served the character quite well with her really endearing performance. In all regards, we have a band of characters that were served with near-perfect acting and a power packed drama.

There is an interesting observation about the film that very few critics really ventured to point at. Justice League has almost a similar plot as the The Avengers. In that respect, it’s a movie with a mirrored plot and naturally the mistakes in filling up the glitches with original inputs are obvious to happen. Some characters just existed for the sake of plot and they just undermine the viewing experience to a great extent. But when you balance the load of shits with the good stuff the the Justice League as a film offers, the package seems no less impressive.

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