K95 USB waterproof 2GB flash drive

By Jim

By some wierd inspiration we now have the K95 waterproof USB drive, and rightfully shaped like a submarine at that. I remember my nephew loosing all his 5th grade homework when he “forgot” his USB drive which unfortunately was washed by good ‘ol mom. Where’s your homework? The teacher asked… errr… my mom washed it!

But you have to give this young boy the credit of having something original to say. I guess his excuse of “the dog ate it” isn’t believable now.

It happens to the best of us, I believe. We can’t really tell when we would honestly forget where our USB drives are and too late to know it’s doing the rinse cycle in the basement. Ouch! Or how about accidentally dropping it in the toilet? Now that’s a bummer there!

The Submarine USB drive is available in both 1GB and 2GB versions. It?s also available in four different colors, white, red, black and green. Unfortunately, the submarine drive is just a design that has come out of the hands of Moscow?s Man Works Design. It hasn?t been mass-produced yet and is not available for purchase now.

Technical specification:

– Capacity 1GB ? 2GB.
– Material ? plastic.
– Colors: green, white, red, black.
– USB 2.0
– Speed of 8 MB/sec.

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