Keds Social Media Sneakers

A couple of years back, we saw designer Gerry McKay’s Adidas Facebook and Twitter Superstars concept designs. I don’t think that actual shoes following those designs saw the light of day, but they did catch a considerable amount of attention.

Now, do any of you remember Keds? The brand is still around, but I remember it as the “cool brand” when I was high school. The kids whose parents could afford Keds always stood out. I haven’t been in high school for eons, so I really would not know what the cool sneakers brand is these days, but these new concept Keds designs by Lumen Bigott might just propel the brand to a whole different level. The graphic designer and marketer decided to combine two things that many people utilize on a daily basis: sneakers and social media.

Enter Keds social media shoes.

Okay, there are people who do not wear sneakers regularly, but can you think of more comfortable footwear? And sure, there are a lot of people who could not care less about social media (and maybe are better off because of it), but these Keds social media sneakers are worth a look.

Keds social media sneakers: Facebook

Facebook Shoes

You’ve got one friend request! I think the design is actually low key enough to be worn, don’t you?

Keds social media sneakers: Twitter

Twitter Shoes

What do you think of the use of the fail whale instead of the Twitter logo?

Keds social media sneakers: Google

Google Shoes

These are supposed to be Google Buzz shoes, but we all know what happened to that platform. Hardcore Google fans might want to get their hands on this design, but it is too colorful for me. You?

Keds social media sneakers: Flickr

Flickr Shoes

Shutterbugs who are passionate about sharing their photos on Flickr, this design is for you. Also if you like pink and polka dots.

Keds social media sneakers: YouTube

YouTube Shoes

Video addicts are lucky with these colors. I think use of the loading icon is brilliant, even if I get to see it every freakin’ time I want to see a video. Well maybe not every time…

Keds social media sneakers: Wiki

Wiki Shoes

Who said that grey is boring? Just add Wikipedia’s logo, and you’ll have something else to look at.

Keds social media sneakers: Dribble

Dribbble Shoes

This is the latest update to the Keds social media sneakers collection, and to be honest, I was wondering what Dribble was when I saw it. For those like me who are clueless, you can always google Dribble like I did, but to make it easier for you, it’s basically a network for designers where they can show and tell what they are working on. I think that’s cool, but why does it have to be pink?

Before you get all excited and ask around where to buy these Keds social media sneakers, remember they are mere concepts. I am sure that if you are adamant about having one, you can find a custom shoemaker somewhere to help you out. I’m sticking to my Ipanemas.

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