Keep Dry With The Samurai Umbrella

Rainy days are here again, and it seems that no one is exempt from it, wherever in the world you may be. The weather is really going bonkers on us and we have to make the best out of what we have. While nerdy types have been traditionally associate with the long umbrellas (yeah I used to carry one around), not everyone these days are comfortable with the idea of lugging one around.

With this cool umbrella from Think Geek though, I think that geek or not, any person would not hesitate to use one. I was already smitten at the moment I laid my eyes on the umbrella with a samurai sword handle, but the fellas at Think Geek outdid themselves in writing the description. They even have a haiku for it!

The rain falls softly.
The samurai draws his sword.
Look, an umbrella.

Either we just made it up, or that Haiku dates to around the 14th century. It is a little known fact that Samurai also carried umbrellas. Much as they later had to disguise their swords as canes, so they disguised their umbrellas as swords. In fact, there was one skilled umbrella maker who all the Samurai relied on for their Sword Handle Umbrellas. His name has been buried in the sands of time, but his plans have been preserved. And now, it is with great pleasure that we offer to you, the Samurai Sword Handle Umbrella.

Now I don’t know about that story, but I do think that $30 for this thing is not a bad price to pay. How cool is it?

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