Sometimes there’s tension between kids looking to have fun and parents who want productive, wholesome activities for their children. Now, you can satisfy all sides at once by enrolling your children in online coding classes.

Let’s learn more about why kids love to learn how to code online and what separates the best programs from the rest.

Video Games as a Motivator

Kids can focus on a task when they’re driven to succeed, and nothing makes them hone in like video games. Industry leaders rely on video games in a couple of ways: the classes teach kids how to design and program their own game, but they also use gamification in the actual lessons to keep kids on track.

Any parent who has ever had to peel their gamer child away from a screen knows the grip that games can have on kids. Use this to your advantage by having your child learn STEM skills that will one day get them ahead in school and the workforce.

They’ll have a wonderful sense of achievement when they create their own video game, one they can play themselves and even share with friends.

Professional Coding Languages

Some programs teach kids what coding is like by introducing them to drag-and-drop programs that no professional coder ever uses in the field. Others teach the languages used to build real video games, apps, websites, and more.

Do you want your kid learning an imitation coding language or the ones used to power things used by millions of people every day, like Netflix and Minecraft?

Small Classrooms

It’s hard for anybody to absorb new material in a disruptive environment. All students learn best when the sessions are organized, and classroom management issues don’t arise.

Kids can learn to code with Real Programming 4 Kids and be assured that there’ll be a maximum of four students per teacher. There’s also no minimum, so parents will know that the session will run even if their child is the only student.

Young, Relatable Teachers

Kids learn best when they’re having fun and don’t even realize they’re learning. When it comes to teaching them how to design video games, it’s ideal for their teacher to also have experience as a youth playing games.

A raw passion for gaming can’t be faked, and kids understand when they’re among one of their own. They’d much rather learn how to code video games from a fellow gamer than a global expert in coding who doesn’t have relatable experience.

Plus, younger teachers also have more relevant experience with coding in school and navigating the jobs market, so they can pass on crucial information about what your child can expect to encounter after the program is complete.

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family. Giving your child the gift of online coding classes is sure to let them have fun today while preparing them for tomorrow. Just make sure you sign up for online coding classes that have all the features outlined above so your child has the best experience possible.

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