Kill 'Em All: 6 'Game of Thrones' Characters We WANTED To Die

Game of Thrones is a brutal series. They even go so far as to stab pregnant woman in the unborn fetus. They jam their thumbs into people’s eyes while bragging about doing awful things to that person’s sister. There is a cruelty on display in the Game of Thrones world that is rather brutal and can be hard to take at times. Those times mainly being when people we like on Game of Thrones die. But what about those stellar moments when someome who is a scumbag and we have wanted to die actually dies? Those moments are pure payoff. Here are six deaths we wanted and got in Game of Thrones (show). Yes, there will be spoilers (obviously). Also, the show is full of weird “sometimes they come back” moments with their dead, so no idea if all these folks will stay dead. Just saying, these deaths were awesome.

Viserys Targaryen

That would be a cool cover for a metal album, pun intended.

Hey, look, I am a jerk who said he would allow horses to rape his sister if it means he could get closer to the throne. I even pretty much handed her gift wrapped to the Dothraki. So when this tool met his end by having his stupid head encased in molten lava by his sis’s new man, it was a fitting and gruesome end to a scumbag character.

It was also the moment Game of Thrones showed us that this series was going to get brutal (though we kinda knew that from the first episode ‘incest into child crippling’ moment).

Pyat Pree

Funny thing about this gif is he never puts it out and makes no progress. It’s just like real life.

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You must remember this bald, vampire looking dude who was messing with Khaleesi in season two? He thought he was being all mystical and shit, but really, he was just pissing off the mother of dragons. Do you know what happens when you piss off someone who is a mother to dragons?

Those dragons roast your screaming ass alive.


“Dude, do I have something in my skull? I feel like there’s something in my skull….”

Styr was another vampire looking dude. Styr is the Magnar of the Thenn, which are a fierce, feral, cannibalistic tribe. Dude was freaky and scary and evil, and you could feel his presence just beeming through his facial scars and one primary scowl he always wore on his face. Though they did not get too deeply into a Styr storyline, it was quite clear from the moment we met him and his tribe outside the wall that no good would come from it.

Styr met a bloody end when Jon Snow spit in his face then buried a hammer in his skull. All hail Snow White, king of the Whitewalkers.


Just let the ginger bitch die, Jon. She was nothing but pain and misery in your world.

I liked Jon Snow a lot, but this chick was bad news. Yes, she may have spared him when she had the chance to kill him, but that just shows you how weak people become in the face of love. The Wildings ended up being nothing but trouble for Jon, and though he may have dipped his feather into her ink (wink wink), she was a festering pain in the ass and seeing her get killed made me happy.

This also may have a lot to do with my own tumultuous past with red heads. Anytime I see a red head get shot in a movie or show it makes me smile. Just keeping it real.

Meryn Trant

Problem is, this guy was so perverted he probably got an erection during this moment.

You had to pay close attention in season one for this death in season five to really pay off. Meryn had done some shitty things earlier, and Arya Stark told him that he’d say her name before she blinded him and slit his throat. So guess what happens?

She blinds him and slits his throat after he says her name. Awesome. And who’s gonna complain? It’s always nice to see pedophiles get killed and brutalized.  Of course, what happened to Arya after for not going after her intended target really sucked, but such is life in Game of Thrones.

Joffrey Baratheon

Hahahahaha, die you shitty shit shit!

Come on? Was there any other cast member I could have ended this list with? Joffrey was such a smug, cocky, stupid, arrogant little twat, his death was like a reward to all the viewers and readers for all the GOOD people they lost in the series up to that point. And some deaths in Game of Thrones are quick and quickly over. But no, not this one. What made this death so remarkable was the fact that we got to watch Joffrey suffer. He basically slowly turned the color of an eggplant and then bled out a bit and that was that.

But wow was it satisfying.

A great deal of the bad stuff we saw happen on the show happened because of Joffrey’s ruling, so to see the man-boy himself meet such a fitting end was very rewarding for viewers.

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