King's Landing in Minecraft Is the Best Thing You'll See Today!

Don’t you wish it were March 31 already? We still have around two months to go before we get treated to George R.R. Martin’s intricate world of Westeros yet again, but that does not mean we have to stop obsessing about Game of Thrones. And that seems to be exactly what Redditor pizzainacup and his friends have been doing in Minecraft.

No words can describe how awesome King’s Landing in Minecraft is, really, especially if you’re into both Game of Thrones and Minecraft. And, even if you’re not into the game, you probably will want to give a try after seeing these renders.

How awesome is that? Obviously, creating King’s Landing in Minecraft was no mean feat. The creativity and skills of about 100 builders went into the making of King’s Landing in Minecraft, and even with that number, it took them four months to build. It is not surprising, if you take into account the fact that there are about 3,000 unique buildings PLUS fully decorated interiors.

In case your mind is teeming with questions right now, here are a few details revealed in the Reddit post.

  1. No, the map isn’t available for download right now. Its almost 35 gigs.
  2. The map is custom made using WorldPainter. We have all custom trees.
  3. We will have map files for individual cities/castles in the future.
  4. Yes, we will do Essos one day. We are waiting for Mod API so we can start phase 2 of our server; making a giant, open world RPG with quests and NPCS.

The images above are astounding in themselves, but you can see even more renders here. If you’re not satisfied with that, the same guys are working on another project – a larger one this time: all of Westeros. (Yes, your jaw can drop to the floor and you’ll be totally justified.)

Did I say this is the best thing you’ll see today or what?

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