From Kojima to Nintendo: Top 10 Inside Jokes in Video Games

Sometimes jokes in video games can be pretty blatant. From a corn-filled shit that sings opera to seeing an A.I tea bag a dead guy, a great deal of the jokes we get we can see coming from a mile away. Hell, you get an achievement for picking up a piece of shit in the most recent Duke Nukem, so let’s none of us pretend gaming jokes are all subtle and high-art. Some are just shit jokes.

BUT (and there is always a butt when it comes to shit…)

Sometimes coders and writers and developers include secret in-jokes for them or for real diehard fans that most gamers just miss out on. Sometimes they can be as subtle as a reference to another game, and sometimes they be as blatant as referencing the publisher itself in-game, but most times these are inside jokes we miss.

Well guess what? We are pulling back that curtain.

Now you can see some of the inside jokes in gaming you may have missed and you can laugh along or at least pretend you understand and laugh along so you don’t get socially ostracized. We geeks drop that hammer pretty quick when we smell a fraud, just saying.


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