Kratos Case Mod: Awesome!

What’s your favorite video game of all time? I am pretty sure that not everyone will have an easy time picking out just one game. Off the top of my head though, I would say the Sony’s God of War franchise is hard to beat. I am not really that good at it – I always need someone to help me get past the hard parts or the really puzzling situations, but I can play (and watch others play) God of War over and over again.

You can then just imagine how awed I was when I caught a glimpse of this case mod:

Thanks to PCWorld, my eyes were treated to the sight of Kratos, the God of War (if you play that game, you’ll understand why it is him and not Ares who holds this title). It’s no ordinary model of Kratos, though. As “life-like” as it seems, it also holds more inside. There is actually a full-fledged gaming system – and yes, it works!

Check out this video:

Whoever created this case mod should get more credit than a YouTube video, don’t you think? On one level, the artistic value cannot be denied. The figure is amazingly life-like (though we know Kratos does not really exist) and the attention to the details is impressive. On another level, the tech know-how to put everything together inside and make it work is something else.

The guy at PC World who made the write up couldn’t give any details on the creator of this mod, but I agree with him that whoever created the case mod is amazing!

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