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Kurulus Osman episode 115 release date, time and preview revealed

What date and time will Kurulus Osman episode 115 release around the world, and what have the preview trailers revealed?

It’s hard to understate how successful the Kurulus Osman series has been for Turkish entertainment in recent years.

Between stunning visuals, strong characters that help build a connection with viewers, and the enthralling painting of Turkish history; the series continues to reach new heights each and every week.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Kurulus Osman episode 115, including the release date, time, preview trailer, and story captions.

Kurulus Osman episode 115 release date and time

Kurulus Osman episode 115, also referred to as season 4 bolum 17, is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday, February 1.

Showrunner Mehmet Bozdag and the ATV network have confirmed that Kurulus Osman episode 115 will be broadcast at the following international times:

  • Pacific Time – 9 AM
  • Eastern Time – 12 PM
  • British Time – 5 PM
  • European Time – 6 PM
  • Turkish Time – 8 PM
  • Pakistan Time – 10 PM
  • India Time – 10:30 PM
  • Philippine Time – 1 AM

The new episode will then be shared to the Kurulus Osman website and YouTube channels with English subtitles available upon release. Whilst a specific launch time has not been shared, last week’s episode was made available to view online at the following international times, per a link analysis via CitizenEvidence:

  • Pacific Time – 1:17 PM
  • Eastern Time – 4:17 PM
  • British Time – 9:17 PM
  • European Time – 10:17 PM
  • Pakistan Time – 2:17 AM
  • India Time – 2:47 AM
  • Philippine Time – 5:17 AM

Kurulus Osman episode 115 preview gallery captions

The official preview images have been shared online by ATV with the following story captions for Kurulus Osman episode 115.

“Osman Bey is aware of the danger. He repeats to the Beys that Nayman is approaching their lands. Nayman is coming to turn their homeland into hell. Will Osman Bey be able to convince the Beys to unite against Nayman?” – Kurulus Osman episode 115, via ATV.

“The agenda of Ismihan Sultan and the Beys is Osman Bey’s proposal for unity. Karesi Bey’s lukewarm approach to Osman Bey’s proposal causes discontent among the other Beys. Disagreements arise between them. It is decided to establish an army against Nayman. But Osman Bey is banned from the army by Ismihan Sultan. What is the reason for Osman Bey’s exclusion from the army? Will the army formed without Osman Bey be effective against Nayman?”

“Nayman has arrived at the Fars. Nayman’s attitude towards Ismihan Sultana baffles everyone because Nayman sees Osman Bey as his commander. Nayman asks where Osman Bey is. What will Ismihan Sultan answer? Osman Bey is setting up his own game despite everything. He gathers Turgut Bey and his Alps around him. His target is Nayman. How will Osman Bey mow down Nayman’s vigilantes?” – Kurulus Osman episode 115, via ATV.

“Orhan Bey’s condition upsets everyone in Kay? Obas?. Healing is sought for Orhan Bey. Meanwhile, Bengi Hatun, who comes to the obaya, says, “Since Orhan Bey cannot walk, the post is Alaeddin Bey’s right.” Will Bengi Hatun be able to put a wolf in Bala Hatun and Malhun Hatun? Frigg has fallen into the hands of Bala Hatun. How will Frigg’s fate be?”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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