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Kurulus Osman episode 118 (S4 Bolum 20) release, previews explored

What date and time will Kurulus Osman episode 118 release, and what have the previews revealed about season 4 bolum 20?

The superstars were out at the Kurulus Osman production set this week, with footballer Mesut Ozil meeting the cast and crew during the filming of a recent episode.

Hopefully, he taught Osman Bey a thing or two about winning when on the backfoot, with both the conquest of ?negöl and the capture of the alluring gold treasure taking center stage in this week’s new episode.

So, when will Kurulus Osman episode 118 (season 4 bolum 20) release worldwide, and what have the preview captions revealed about the latest chapter?

Kurulus Osman episode 118 release date and time

Kurulus Osman episode 118 (season 4 bolum 20) is scheduled to release on Wednesday, March 15.

The new episode will premiere at 8 PM local time via the ATV network, before being made available to stream internationally via the official website and YouTube channels.

Whilst a specific OTT launch time has not been confirmed, last week’s episode was made available to stream via YouTube at the following international times:

  • Pacific Time – 1:47 PM
  • Eastern Time – 4:47 PM
  • British Time – 8:47 PM
  • European Time – 9:47 PM
  • Turkish Time – 11:47 PM
  • Pakistan Time – 1:47 AM
  • India Time – 2:17 AM
  • Philippine Time – 4:47 AM

A reminder that described times are only for when last week’s episode was released online, viewers in the US have seen the broadcast pushed forward by one hour due to daylight savings.

Preview captions from official gallery images shared online

The following preview captions have been shared by ATV for Kurulus Osman episode 118:

“Nayman has finally found his lost gold. But an unexpected trap awaits Nayman about the gold. What is Osman Bey’s trap for Nayman?”

“Osman Bey is aware of the fact that he is under a great pincer both inside and outside. But no narrowness will turn him from his path and he will continue his conquest from where he left off. Osman Bey’s target is ?negöl! What difficulties await Osman Bey on this road?”

“Osman Bey must co-operate with ?smihan Sultan for the conquest of ?negöl. How will Osman Bey draw Ismihan Sultan to his side? While Osman Bey and his alps stand on the walls of ?negöl, Nayman is after taking the property that is most valuable to Osman Bey.”

“Where does Nayman set his sights? Osman Bey is determined to conquer ?negöl despite everything. Will Osman Bey be able to conquer ?negöl? While Öktem Bey, like everyone else, is on Osman Bey’s side for the conquest of ?negöl, will Bengi Hatun walk on the same path with Öktem Bey? Or will she betray the alliance with Osman Bey?”

“On the one hand, while the preparations for the conquest of ?negöl continue, on the other hand, the chicks plan to kill Frigg. Will Frigg, who wants to harm Orhan Bey and Alaeddin Bey, be able to achieve his goal? What was Frigg’s move that incurred the wrath of Bala Khatun?”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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