Kylo Is Luke: Why Luke Skywalker SHOULD Be The Bad Guy in 'The Force Awakens'

So there are theories floating around online that say Luke Skywalker might be the bad guy in The Force Awakens because he does not appear in the trailer. There are also photos director Abrams has leaked of Luke in Jedi garb on the set (could be flashback scene, people), so the line is really drawn in the (Tatooine) sand right now. Luke Skywalker might be bad guy Kylo Ren, or Kylo Ren could just be Kylo Ren. Thing is, if you imagine how YOU would feel as Luke as soon as the party on Endor ended, you will slowly realize, Luke being the bad guy would not only be totally justified, but it would actually be the most brilliant route you could take.

Trust me here…..

Jedi Were Scum

Here, to set the tone.


Imagine, for a moment, that as a teenager, you were tricked into killing your Dad, except NO ONE told you it was your Dad even though everyone knew? Do you realize how twisted and corrupt that is? Do you realize how morally wrong that is? WELL THAT IS THE ENTIRE BASIS OF STAR WARS! Yes, we can say it is about Leia finding Obi Wan and blah blah but we all know, Obi Wan bails right the fuck away in the movie (and funny how we WAITS until Luke is standing right there to allow himself to be taken down by Darth, therefore giving Luke the incentive to actually wanna kill this guy). Every single thing that happens to Luke in that movie is being manipulated by the Jedi.

Yes, because that makes so much sense, right?

Now flash forward. Fight is over on Endor. In his final moments, your Dad revealed his true self, killed his boss, and saved your life by sacrificing himself. But now, on Endor, everyone is LITERALLY partying because dude is dead. Your Dad, who’s life you helped end by simple existing.  Also, the ONLY person who was ever honest with you was that man in that final moment.

Also, did anyone else notice that, in Return of the Jedi, Luke starts wearing all black. Think about this, starts wearing all black IMMEDIATELY after meeting his true Father. A man adorned in all black. And what is Kylo Ren wearing in the trailer for The Force Awakens?

Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection | Switch Launch Trailer

Same black cloak Luke wore in Jedi, son!

Also, isn’t it weird that Jedi don’t have dreams. As we see from Anakin’s visions in the prequels, everything he dreamt came true. So what about THIS moment from Empire Strikes Back? Jedi don’t have nightmares. They only have precognitive thoughts. Some say Luke was seeing his own POTENTIAL future. I now say he was seeing his actual future.

Look at that shit? Come on, I made that side by side. It says it all. Foreshadowing and shit.

When The Reality Hits

So Luke is chilling on Endor with a bunch of Muppets, and it slowly hits him. Holy shit, Obi Wan did that shit to my Father, left him to burn alive in lava and be made into a fucking space mandroid (and everything bad that happens happens because of Obi Wan. Remember, Yoda was like: we can’t train this Anakin kid, he will fuck everything up, and Obi Wan was like, I got this shit, homie. Cue everything bad). He also slowly realizes that every Jedi he talked to lied to him, too. They all knew. He also realized he was ultimately trained like an MK ULTRA assassin to take out his Dad because no one else had the strong Jedi blood he did. Whoa, that is some heady shit.

Luke was totally fucked over, and this was in his teenage years. Think about the mental toll that would take on someone over the years?

“Listen bro. Kill your Dad, you must, and stop asking so many fucking questions, okay?”

So then it actually hits you. Holy shit, everyone lied to me and fucked me all up and made me do something I knew little about. And the ONLY PERSON who was honest and sacrificed himself for me died BECAUSE of me. Well, you know what? Fuck those Jedi. I am now going to become evil, build a second Death Star, blow up Endor for what it symbolizes, get me some new armor, and finish what my pops started.

Also, on some real talk, who the fuck else could have his skull from those final moments? No one but Luke. Luke was alone with him when he died. Also, who was one of the few people who saw in the Star Wars universe who can build lightsabers? Luke, huh? So suddenly that lightsaber with hilt makes more sense, huh? I will use my Dad’s blade to exact vengeance, only I will add something to make it my own. Bam, mind blown.

At this point, if Kylo Ren is NOT Luke, I am gonna think Abrams fucked up. This set up is too perfect.

Fine Print


I have much more to this theory, but hit my wordcount, kids. Such is life. But, I will give you one more bone to chew on.

Harrison Ford only promised to be in Star Wars if Lucas killed him off. Lucas manipulated him with the carbonite scene and ended up keeping him alive. I bet you Ford only agreed to come back if he was killed. I’ll give you five bucks right now if you want to guess who kills him. Driven through by a saber right in front of his wife, by his wife’s brother.

I can already hear fan boys pissing their pants…..

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