Christmas is just a week away. Those of us who have yet to finish our Christmas shopping for the geeks in our lives are still under a lot of pressure to find the perfect gifts. Whether or not you’ve waited too long or just can’t find the right gift, fret not. Here are some awesome last-minute gifts for geeks everywhere.

Baby Jabba Sculpture

Baby Jabba Silicone Sculpture

This Baby Jabba platinum silicone sculpture is sculpted by hand, and is a shore hardness 00 silicone. It has an additional silicone “deadener” which gives it a super soft, life-like feel. The sculpture also comes with a detachable tongue to customize its look when displayed. It is a special limited edition sculpture which explains its hefty selling price, but it makes up for it in quality. This is the perfect gift for those who love to collect one-of-a-kind gems.

Star Wars Periodic Table of Elements T-Shirt
Star Wars Table of Elements Tshirt

This officially licensed Star Wars t-shirt features a different kind of periodic table as it tailors the table according to the world of Star Wars. Compared to the period table of elements, this funny and unique t-shirt is perfect for chemistry and Star Wars lovers. The squares on the table are color coordinated to differentiate them according to rebels, jedi, creatures, aliens, bounty hunters, ships, empires, planets, and droids.

LightSaber Chopsticks

LightSaber Chopsticks

Stand out at any party with these LED light up LightSaber chopsticks. Show these off and be proud of being the Star Wars fan that you are. This light and portable pair already comes with new batteries and a stopper. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can be sure to pick the right one for the geek in your life.

Doctor Who Charm Bracelet

Doctor Who Charm Bracelet

Give the special woman in your life the shiniest, geekiest gift with this Doctor Who charm bracelet. The bracelet comes with 19 Doctor Who-inspired charms that she will love. Some of the charms included are: a bow tie, sneaker, clock gear, 3D glasses, stethoscope, the Big Ben, Tardis, a planet, an hourglass, and the sun. Each charm pays homage to the show and will definitely be appreciated by any fan.

Trek the Halls Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nothing says Christmas better than an “ugly” Christmas sweater. Nothing says geeky Christmas better than this Star Trek sweater. The screen printed sweater bears the phrase “Trek the Halls” with the face of Spock on it. Star Trek fans will look dashing in this sweater during the holidays. I can just imagine Sheldon Cooper wearing this on Christmas day.

Borg Cube Night Light

This Borg Cube night light is also inspired by the Star Trek franchise. The cube is 3D printed which gives it its intricate and superior details. This gives the cube its awesome look when it lights up. It is also foldable which makes it easy to carry around and give as a gift. You just have to simply assemble it with magnets holding the sides together. You can place small items inside, making it a great storage solution.

Star Trek The Original Series Sketch Print

This black and white Star Trek Da Vinci-style sketch print is a beautiful gift to give anyone who loves The Original Series and art. This unique and elegant sketch print features Da Vinci’s mirrored short hand and were adapted from some of his works. Sketches from the Star Trek franchise are the main focus of this gift, and are printed using high-quality, original inks. You can choose from 10 unique and eye-catching designs, some of which include: a Borg Cube, a Communicator, the Bird of Prey, and the Voyager.

Supernatural Demon Blade

Last-minute gifts for geeks Supernatural

If you are a hardcore Supernatural fan, you will definitely want one of these replicas of the Demon Blade. Made of carbon steel, genuine elk horn, and leather, this Supernatural prop was carved to follow the original blade down to the last detail. Each blade is handmade, and is perfect to bring in conventions as props. Reviews of this blade say that it is stunning, sturdy, and of top-notch quality. Someone even mentioned feeling like Ruby was going to show up and kick his ass to take it back!

Supernatural Wooden Candle Holder

Supernatural Wooden Candle Holder

This isn’t just your ordinary candle holder. This wooden Supernatural candle holder actually doubles as a lantern and features several images of the show that fans will surely love. Each side of the cube shows different images. One side shows the two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester. Another side features the Supernatural logo. Another side gives tribute to Castiel. Lastly, one side features the infamous car used in the series.

Avengers Vinyl Wall Clock

Avengers Vinyl Wall Clock

This handmade Avengers vinyl wall clock is a great and edgy gift to anyone who loves Marvel and music. The vinyl used is made out of old records that people actually used to listen to which gives it a really cool background story, and makes it eco-friendly!

Here are some other geeky gift ideas that you can check out!

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