Learn Binary By Doing the Binary Hand Dance

Roundabouts Pi Day 2011, I discovered this really smart girl called Vi Hart. She made a very strong case about her idea that pi is wrong, and while I can’t seem to accept the fact that pi is wrong ((Go ahead, check out why she says pi is wrong)), her video is really really cool.

Now Vi seems to be gaining more geek cred with her creations. ((Vi’s Blog)) Her latest video is the perfect tutorial for people who have never gotten the hang of figuring out binary numbers.

So what’s your trick when you “do” binary? Do you write the decimal numbers on your fingers? Do you have a cheat sheet? Let Vi show you how it’s supposed to be done with the Binary Hand Dance. I am warning you – you may end up having a totally different perception of binary numbers (and fingers) after watching this video. She writes that she wasn’t sure what came over her the day she made the video, but whatever it was, I want double of it.

All I can say is that if I had access to this video a decade or so ago, I would have enjoyed learning binary even more – if that’s at all possible! I will not be surprised if we hear more from Vi Hart this year. Keep an eye on her – she might be the next geek goddess.

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