Did you know that on average, only 12% of the world is left handed? This means a smaller percentage of the world is right brain dominant. Meaning, lefties typically have better 3D perception, music awareness, imagination, and intuition – all of which are imperative skills in (yes, you guessed that right) gaming! In fact, left-handers usually outperform right-handers at activities like playing fast-paced video games. This International Left Handers Day, celebrate with your favorite video games by checking out these joysticks for lefties!

Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo


The Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS Space Sim Duo is made of magnetic sensors, ensuring unparalleled levels of accuracy. It has a total of 32 action buttons, including a Braille-style physical identification. This allows users to play without ever removing their hands from the joystick. Plus, it’s an ambidextrous accessory with its 3 detachable components. It’s the ideal joystick for both right and left-handers!

Gaming Mouse for FPS and TPS Games

Gaming Mouse

This gaming mouse has a symmetrical design which means left and right-handed gamers can equally enjoy using it. It also has a vertical design and ergonomic grip for a pain-free experience. Now, you can play games as long as you want without the discomfort.

Logitech Attack 3 Eight Button Joystick


Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, the Logitech Attack 3 is a great bang for your buck joystick if you want something that gets the job done. It also features a symmetrical design, so it can be used on either hand, depending on the application. Users commonly use it for games like Flight Simulator X, 18 Wheels of Steel, and Ship Simulator.


Mad Catz

This fan-favorite is one of the best joysticks for lefties or dual-stick flyers. It’s reasonably priced and comes with some interesting features. One of the cool things about this is its POV button which instantly allows you to switch cockpit views and keep track of your enemies. There’s also a throttle lever and twist-action rudder to go along with a programmable pinkie switch and small LED light.

Saitek ST290 Programmable Joystick with Throttle

Saitek ST290

Don’t be quick to write out this classic because of its age. The Saitek ST290 has good functionality and delivers a unique design. Not just aesthetically pleasing, it comes with a 3-position handle adjustment to suit all hand sizes. It also has an adjustable palm rest and central level throttle for left or right-handed gaming.

Saitek J13 Cyborg 3D USB Joystick

Saitek Cyborg

Here’s another great option from Saitek – the J13 Cyborg 3D USB joystick. With its precise 3D twist function, ratio digital technology, and up to 24 programmable actions, this joystick is a comfortable, low-cost accessory for any left or right-handed gamer.

Mad Catz Pacific AV8R Stick


Inspired by actual WWII fighter planes, this joystick has everything you need in a low-cost, left-hander joystick. It has a heavy-duty trigger, military-inspired grip, and POV analog stick. You can even easily access all your favorite flying games with its dual-mode switch.

Arcade Joystick

Arcade Joystick

Throw it back to the 80s with this arcade-inspired joystick that will surely be a fun and nostalgic experience for you and your friends. The 8-way arcade joystick with a 35mm top handle also comes with LED-illuminated buttons.

Gravis Destroyer PC Joystick


This may be on the lower end of the budget spectrum, but this 2-button joystick with a rotary throttle is decent enough to get you playing the games when you’re just starting out. Its symmetrical design makes it perfect for left and right-handed players. If you want a joystick to help you ease your way into gaming, this one’s for you.

Interact P210 Performance Raider Pro Joystick

Raider Pro

The Raider Pro joystick allows you to play games such as FS2002 and Daytona for a good deal. You get good control of the handle. It also has 6 fire buttons and an auto-fire switch to offer users versatile gameplay.

Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 Joystick


This joystick is a popular choice among gamers because of its versatility and ease of use. It has 16 programmable functions, a rotating handle, and a 16-bit 25mHz onboard processor. What’s great about this is that it is great to use for both old and new games. You won’t find another joystick that centers itself better than this one.

Danfoss JS7000 Joystick


With a rugged, ergonomic design, this legacy joystick has over 15 million operating life cycles. It has non-contact, redundant hall effect sensors on the x and y-axis, and has up to 7 push-button switches (plus a trigger switch!).

Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick Airbus Edition


Inspired by the iconic Airbus sidestick, this joystick has 17 action buttons with braille-style identification. It also has 4 swappable joystick head modules and 12 remappable buttons for a multitude of possibilities in flight and on the ground applications.

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