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If you?ve seen the new Indiana Jones film you might just want to take after your hero ? and bearing in mind that it?s not very safe to start using a whip indoors then you might want to consider this game.  It might just be right up your street.  As with the previous (and up and coming) Lego games, the characters and elements of the game are made up of those wonderful, colourful little blocks we all used to play with.

It doesn?t matter whether you?re an adult or a child ? the simple control scheme means that just about anyone should be able to pick it up and have a go.  Simple however in this case still means fun, as it can be hugely rewarding when you get a puzzle or action sequence right.  Naturally you?ll get plenty of both of the previous elements as well as building things out of Lego (hammer that button!), fighting with the ubiquitous whip and of course hunting for artefacts in the game.

There?s a certain charm to shrinking the characters down to pint-size proportions and then marvelling at the little details on their square(ish) heads ? such as the stubble on Indy.  They?ll very quickly raise a smile and it?s unlikely to leave you as you play through the game.  Of course, Indiana isn?t the only one ? in fact you?ll find 60 Lego people in here just waiting to be discovered.

Similar to previous games in the ?Lego? series, the game works on the premise that you?ve got at least some awareness of the film to get the most out of it.  That isn?t to say that you won?t have a good time if you?ve not seen any of the Indiana Jones films, but you?ll get a lot more out of it if you have.  For a quick example, there?s a scene where he gets chased by a (now Lego) boulder down a decline.  It?s humorous and quirky, but this could be lost on someone who hasn?t seen it before and won?t truly appreciate the in-joke.

Gameplay wise, there isn?t a huge amount of time needed to complete the game ? but you?ll have a lot of fun doing so in the various interactive environments.  There?s less fighting in there than the Lego Star Wars games but just as much fun to be had.  If you?re a hardcore gamer, maybe it?ll appear to the geek in you.  If you?re more ?casual? in nature then I?m sure you?ll have a lot of fun with this.

Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures is available now and is suitable for ages 3+.

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