LEGO Lord of the Rings Unveiled at Toy Fair

This June, for the first time ever, you’ll be able to buy official LEGO Lord of the Rings toys. Revealed just yesterday at an exclusive event just before the start of Toy Fair 2012 in New York City, here are full details and images of all of the sets. Despite what you may see elsewhere, there are seven sets, not six.

These seven sets will be available beginning in June of this year. LEGO also has plans for sets themed around The Hobbit, but we won’t find anything out about those for a while, as they won’t be available until December. Here are the official names, descriptions, and prices, straight from LEGO.

Gandalf Arrives

$12.99 | 83 pieces
Relive the opening scene of The Fellowship of the Ring in LEGO form. As Gandalf the Grey makes his way through the Shire on his horse and cart, he meets an excited young Hobbit, Frodo Baggins. Includes Gandalf the Grey and Frodo Baggins minifigures.

Shelob Attacks

$19.99 | 227 pieces
Plotting to reclaim The One Ring, Gollum lures Frodo into the lair of the ancient spider, Shelob. Will Shelob cast her web and capture Frodo, or can Samwise Gamgee rescue him in time? Includes Frodo Baggins, Samwise Gamgee, and Gollum minifigures.

Uruk-Hai Army

$29.99 | 257 pieces
Under attack by the evil Uruk-Hai Army, the ancient fortress of Helm’s Deep is the last refuge for the people of Rohan. As the Uruk-Hai draw near, they fire hooks from the armored hook-shooter and try to scale the fortress walls. Can Éomer and the Rohan soldier hold back the Uruk-Hai and save the day? Includes Éomer, Rohan soldier, and 4 Uruk-Hai minifigures.

The Orc Forge

$39.99 | ?? pieces
Target exclusive. No description available. Includes Isengard Uruk-Hai, Lurtz, and 3 Mordor Orcs minifigures.

Attack at Weathertop

$59.99 | 430 pieces
Resting in the ancient fortress ruins of Weathertop, Aragorn, Frodo, and Merry are suddenly attacked by the Ringwraiths. Will they take The One Ring from Frodo, or can Aragorn stop them in time? Includes Aragorn, Frodo Baggins, Merry Brandybuck, and 2 Ringwraiths minifigures.

The Mines of Moria

$79.99 | 776 pieces
On their epic journey across the lands of Middle Earth, the heroic Fellowship of the Ring travels through the abandoned Mines of Moria. Pursued by the evil Moria Orcs and a giant Cave Troll, Pippin, Boromir, Gimli, and Legolas make a stand in Balin’s Tomb. Includes Pippin Took, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas, and 2 Moria Orcs minifigures, along with the giant Cave Troll and 2 skeletons.

The Battle of Helm’s Deep

$129.99 | 1,368 pieces
The walled fortress of Helm’s Deep is under attack by the mighty Uruk-Hai army, and the forces of Men, Elves, and a Dwarf must do everything they can to stop them from breaching the fortress’ walls. Includes Aragorn, Gimli, Haldir, King Théoden, Berserker Uruk-Hai, and 3 Uruk-Hai minifigures.

Wouldn’t it be cool if the “Uruk-Hai Army” one was made to be connected to the Helm’s Deep set, to expand it into a gigantic battle scene?!

All in all, it’s a good range of products that run the full spectrum of price points. I’ve read hands-on reports about these sets from various news outlets, and the consensus seems to be that they’re all very high quality, with lots of extra details and brand new elements. The horses in the Helm’s Deep set, for example, offer articulated joints for the first time ever. And many of the “wall” elements have “crumbling stone” textures or even Elvish writing on them.

Additionally, reports that a new LEGO board game is being displayed for The Hobbit, with placeholder artwork. We’re not likely to see that game until late this year.

LEGO The Hobbit board game

LEGO made a number of other announcements, with more than 200 new products on its calendar for the coming year. Included among them:

  • The new “LEGO Friends” line targeted at girls.
  • A brand new toy line called “LEGO Monster Fighters” that finds classic movie monsters like the Werewolf, Dracula, and Frankenstein’s monster being fought in a variety of creepy locations, Van Helsing style.
  • New to the LEGO Architecture line: Big Ben, the Namdaemun Gate, and the Sydney Opera House.
  • Details about the LEGO Marvel Superheroes toy line (which I’ll be posting details about tomorrow).
  • and a ton of new LEGO Star Wars, Batman, DC Superheroes, Hero Factory, Ninjago, and loads of other sets.

[Image credit: Flickr/ Find loads more images of LEGO at Toy Fair 2012 at the link!]

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