Let This Robot Do The Mowing

I love the smell of freshly cut grass. It brings back wonderful childhood memories; you know, back when the biggest thing on your mind was what your mum was going to make for supper? Or maybe the cute boy (or girl, for that matter) who lives down the street?

As an adult however, I know that mowing the lawn could be hell. It gets even worse if you have a big lawn OR if your property is located on the hillside. While you can always go for the “naturalistic” look  wherein you just let nature go its own way,  it does not always look appealing.

How about if you get yourself one of these handy robots? Dubbed the Hybrid GOAT ROBOT series, these babies can mow your lawn on its own! Well, not really, you still have to control it by radio, but the idea is that you can sit on a nice lounge chair, under the shade of a huge umbrella, and sip ice tea (or a mojito if you wish!).

Manufactured by Evatech, the Hybrid GOAT ROBOT lawn mowers can be controlled up to half a mile away (that’s about 0.8 kilometers). Even better, it can work its way up and down slopes as much as 70 degrees! This spells good news to those with hilly property.

The downside? They can bite a huge chunk of your money. The basic version costs $5,299 (3,777GBP) while the hunky one costs $11,999 (8,554GBP). Whew! Think NOT cutting the grass yourself is worth this much?

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