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Let's Get Geeky About Coffee

Coffee is a beverage that is beloved across the world. It is so popular that it is the second most traded commodity. The only commodity that is traded more than coffee is oil. That means that people are drinking a lot of coffee. 

Countries that consume the most coffee per capita include Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, and the Netherlands. You might think that Americans drink a lot of coffee, but on a list of top coffee consuming nations, the U.S. is all the way down at number 25.

How do you drink your coffee?

Some people like it hot, iced, black, sugared, or mixed with milk. There are so many different ways to drink coffee and so many varieties to choose from. How do you know which coffee is the one for you? A monthly coffee subscription for trying new flavors and roasters is a great way to expand your horizons. Coffee has a different flavor profile depending on where it comes from and how it is roasted.

Coffee Roasts

Light Roasts: If you want the most caffeine in your cup, a light roast is for you. Most people don’t realize that the longer coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is cooked out of the beans. This is why a light roast has the highest caffeine content. The short roasting time also leaves the beans with higher acidity and distinctive flavor.

Medium Roasts: These are a favored roast amongst coffee shops and are what most people are accustomed to tasting. With slightly less caffeine than the light roast, a rich brown color, and balanced flavor with less acidity, the medium roast is a crowd-pleaser.

Dark Roasts: Surprisingly, dark roasts have the least amount of caffeine because of the cooking process. The beans take on more flavor from the roasting process and can taste smokier or even bitter. They take on a dark chocolate color or can even look almost black and will have a higher oil content. You may see an oily sheen on top when you brew your cup of coffee.

Where your coffee comes from makes a big difference in the taste

Coffee is grown in over 50 countries across the globe. Each county has its own unique advantages and challenges such as soil quality, temperature, humidity, and rainfall. These things affect the taste of the beans produced. Each region will have variations of flavor that it produces, however here are a few broad regions and common characteristics.

Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi produce coffee from Africa. They are known for having a lot of body and sweetness. Hints of grapefruit may be common from Kenya while a blueberry-like scent comes from Ethiopian beans.

Central America: This region produces some of the most common coffee consumed in North America and will probably taste familiar to the average consumer. It tastes nutty with chocolate hints and has a strong aroma. Brazil is the largest producer of coffee and exports about ? of the world’s coffee supply.

Asia: There is a lot of variation in Asian varieties because the area is so vast and has a diverse climate. Indonesian coffee is known for its fruity, smoky taste. Vietnam is the world’s second-largest coffee supplier. They specialize in Robusta coffee. This is a separate coffee variety from the commonly known Arabica coffee. It has more caffeine and a stronger, slightly bitter taste profile.


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