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LG has recently announced a new phone, a secret one at that, to join the LG Black Label series.  This series includes the LG Chocolate and LG Shine, and of course now the LG Secret (at least it will when it is available in stores).

Clearly, the LG is aimed at the ‘fashionable’ crowd and it will no doubt feature even more extensive features – just as those in the ‘Viewty’ range already contain.  Naturally, the phone is set up for use on the 3G network as well as having an incredibly slimline form factor.

A highly advanced 5 megapixel camera is contained in the small body – with many of the additional extras such as zoom, night mode and much more.  It is also capable of 120 fps video along with Divx certified recording and playback.  This is something that is more impressive than the iPhone offering from Apple, and even a step further than the brilliant Nokia N95.

Naturally, you get some decent software to go with the camera such as Morphing that allows some really quite extreme (and interesting) facial editing, as well as Movie Maker that’ll effectively let you create some cool music videos on the go.  So, this is certainly a bit more than your ‘average’ phone.

The looks of the phone are pretty good – it has a supremely slick design and uses carbon fibre along with tempered glass to create what has been called “durability without compromising sleek design”.  LG has stated that it has been designed with both style and durability in mind – something that can be lacking in a lot of modern mobile phones.

Apparently LG has attacked the model with chisels and knives and still failed to scratch it – I doubt the same could be said for my new N95, and certainly not the iPhone, whether the 3G version or not.

Naturally, the LG Secret is able to handle music, games, documents and even features a radio.  This is taken one step further than the latest smart phones and the handset is able to display pictures along with playing music.  Just a little extra feature that makes the phone a little more complete.

Of course, these days, gaming is really taking off on mobile phones with some of them able to display stuff like Doom.  That being the case, you need a bit more power or at least some sort of interesting gadget.  The LG Secret ticks this box too by providing accelerometer-controlled games.  Whilst none of them look amazing yet, there were a lot of people who were sceptical of the Wii

For work, you get access to mobile versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint so you’re never far from productivity (if you want it of course).  You’ve also got the Google package so you can log on to Gmail, Google Maps and YouTube.

The rest of the Black Label series have all proved to be a success, so I have no doubt that the LG Secret will be just the same.  It will join a lineup that has proved to be successful both in terms of takeup and customer feedback (though I myself had a particularly bad experience of an LG Chocolate).

Will I be getting one?  No – but then I’ve just got a Nokia N95.  Does it look any good?  Well, yes, it looks like it has taken everything just that little bit further.  With that in mind, I’d certainly recommend it as your next phone.

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