Lifelogging Device For Techie Cats

I’ve never been a cat person, but I cannot deny that these critters can be so cute; and there is no doubt about it – there are a lot of techies out there who are so in love with their cat pets. If you’re one of them, you will be delighted to know that Sony has just created a gadget that will allow your cat to be part of the cyberworld – through Twitter in particular.

During the even Open House 2010, which took place on the 28th of May this year, Sony Computer Science Laboratories (CSL) Inc. showed off what they call a lifelogging device for cats. The idea is for a cat to wear the collar, which will automatically broadcast the cat’s activities online.

The device was developed with the help of people from the University of Tokyo. It incorporates a camera, a GPS device, and an acceleration sensor among other things. It is also equipped with Bluetooth, which transmits the data to a computer, which can then upload the cat’s tweets.

So what exactly is posted on Twitter? Let’s say the cat eats something. A set phrase such as “This tastes good” is assigned to the activity. There are only 11 phrases that are currently available with the lifelogging device, but the makers are already thinking of expanding the selection.

Being a non-cat person, I already know I will NOT spend money on a device such as this. However, it is interesting – to say the least. Just imagine the potential this device has! For the moment, though, merely reading about it is enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Cat people – would you buy this gadget for your precious pets?

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