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Recently, whilst in a local video game retailer, purchasing WarioWare Mega Party Games, an excellent gamecube rejuvinator, I was asked by the customer service representative if I would like to pre-order the upcoming gamecube Zelda title.

“[Heck] yeah, I’ll preorder that [expletive deleted],” I exclaimed, temporarily unaware of the small children milling about the store. That’s right, I was so excited about a new zelda game, I swore loudly in front of small children.

Does this game justify that level of excitement? Well, Watch the video and decide for yourself.

The release date is set as “2005” so it could be over a year away, but my local Game store decided to take pre-orders now anyways. This was a good move on their part, because they got some of my money now for a game I’m not going to own for upwards of a year.

In the end though, we are all winners because there is a new Zelda game coming out. And in this game, Link is no longer the small boy, he is now a teenaged Link. A teenaged Link capable of mounted combat.

Some info about the game but in short here’s what we know about it: Link is a teen, the game will focus on puzzle solving, and Link still won’t be doing much talking out loud.

The thing about the zelda series that makes me so excited about it is that it is designed with a sense of cinematic splendor. Since first playing Ocarina of time, and especially when playing Wind Waker, I could see that the game’s design was motivated by the story-telling, and that made it more fun for me to play.

At any rate, this video and whatnot has been out for a while, but it is only recently that I preordered the game, so it reminded me how good the video is. Watch it.

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