Liv Tyler cast as Betty Ross in new Hulk

Actress Liv Tyler (“Armageddon”, “Lord of the Rings”) has been cast as Betty Ross in the upcoming Incredible Hulk film.

The role was played by Jennifer Connelly in the 2003 Hulk film.

The Sci-Fi article that has the story, also has this bit about the plot of the movie:

The movie will unfold with Ross estranged from Banner (Norton), but with the pursuit of the Hulk heating up and Banner on the run trying to cure his condition, Ross finds herself swept back into his life.

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So we might be getting something a little closer in plot to the original TV show. I’m not sure how I feel about Tyler’s casting in the film, but it is obvious at this point that Marvel wants all connections to “Hulk” severed…which I think is a VERY good thing. If the people behind this new Hulk are reading – take a look at what is going on with Iron Man – stick to your source material, but don’t be a afraid to make small, necessary, changes – and this thing will be a winner!

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