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Live Like a Superhero: 3 Activities For Your Inner Adventurer

One of the best things about geek culture is that we embrace the aspirational. That means that whatever your passion, someone wants to help you fulfill it – so you can propose the adventure of a lifetime to your significant other with this Indiana Jones engagement ring or dress like the Ninth Doctor in a personalized Doctor Who costume. If you can dream it, you can live it, and that goes for superhero fantasies, too.

Of course, it takes a little more effort to truly live like a superhero, so you may need to suffer through the day-to-day like a mortal while breaking free of such petty bondage on vacation. Try scheduling some of these high adventure activities for your next weekend off and before you know it, you’ll be soaring over Gotham like Batman.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s an Indoor Skydiver!

Skydiving is a well-known form of adventure and one that takes more than a little training. In fact, to become a certified skydiver, you’ll have to take classes and complete a certain number of jumps, with different level certifications issued depending on experience. For most people, however, investing in skydiving training can seem excessive – they want the thrill without the commitment – and that’s where indoor skydiving comes in.

Indoor skydiving, sometimes also called bodyflight, may seem like an oxymoron when you first encounter it, but it’s a real activity that’s rapidly increasing in popularity. Facilities employ vertical wind tunnels and special flight suits that allow participants to become airborne within a controlled environment. Once inside, you can take flight like Superman.

Webs, Lines, and Other Modes of Movement

Unlike other superheroes that fly under their own power or in a vehicle, Spiderman uses an unusual strategy – he shoots webs that allow him to swing from one location to another. Compared to those with natural flight capacity, this can seem a little too mortal, but that also makes it more attainable. In fact, Spiderman’s use of webs is not all that different from the popular activity, zip lining.

Typically, people go zip lining in forests and other natural areas – Fiji, Costa Rica, and Hawaii all top the list of destinations – but the rain forest isn’t exactly known for its high superhero population, so this won’t fit the bill for all geek-centered adventurers. That’s why we recommend a rare urban zip lining experience.

Dubai is home to one of the only urban zip lines in the world, and it makes for the perfect, nigh-fictional setting. A booming city, Dubai has its eye on the tourism economy and has made its name largely through intriguing architecture, such as the Dubai Mall Fountain and the Burj Khalifa. How better to experience the world’s tallest building, among other outstanding features?

A Superior Surfing System

Often forgotten within the larger Marvel universe, the Silver Surfer is a mid-tier character who first appeared in 1966, and who most kids today wouldn’t recognize at first glance – even if he seems like the perfect precursor to the hoverboard craze that swept the nation in the past year or two. Still, the Silver Surfer’s choice for transportation is vastly superior to the hoverboard, if only because the former doesn’t spontaneously burst into flames. No, a far more equitable comparison would pair the Silver Surfer with the modern flyboarder.

Flyboarding is a water sport, similar to surging, but in this case, the board is equipped with two small rockets that propel the rider skyward on water jets. Though it comes with something of a steep learning curve, once balanced as many as 20 feet above the water, you can attempt a range of tricks, dancing and posing dramatically against the sky.

Though it’s still too soon to rent a jetpack and take to the skies, there are plenty of great adventures waiting for you if you’re willing to explore. Gird your heart and your loins like your favorite hero, and you’re off – to save the world, or at least to savor it!

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