Robotics Enthusiast? Stop What You're Doing Right Now and Watch Living with Robots!

We all need to accept the simple fact and looming fate that robots are taking over the Earth. Some people hear that and want to scream out “conspiracy”, but no one said it was a bad thing (yet). At this point in robotics, major breakthroughs are happening as we speak. From A.I beating humans at challenging games to robots that look more like humans than some humans you know, robots and everything about them is all the buzz right now. With that in mind, Living with Robots is a new five part series tackling that very subject matter that anyone and everyone seems intrigued.

If you are one of those people intrigued by robotics and slightly scared by where it could all go, you NEED to watch this.

Robots: Friend or Foe?

The main interest tech heads have right now is the single idea that robots could rise up, surpass humans in intelligence, and take over, rendering us obsolete, even though WE created them. This scares a great many people, but just how realistic is this speculation?

Before you condemn them or stand up and run away in fear of our future robotic overlords (whom I already bow to), perhaps the healthiest route would be to actually inform yourself. That is exactly what Living with Robots accomplishes. It takes us to Japan and shows us the robots and robot makers that are influencing this technological evolution.  Richard Waters and Kana Inagaki host this fantastic journey that will not only expand your mind, but potentially change the way you see robots. Peep the video below to get a better understanding:


Read more in detail about this over at the Financial Times, and make sure to check out all five parts of Living with Robots. While the concept may scare you, you will see just how helpful they can be, how embedded they already are in pop culture and the work force, and what, if anything, you need to fear about our robotic friends (or potential robotic foes, for that matter).

The Future of Wearable Tech

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