Review: Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Editor’s note: This post was written by Thomas Riccardi. He was born in Manhattan on a cold and wintery day and now lives in sunny and warm Sacramento. His parents got him an Atari 2600 one year for Christmas and he has been hooked on video games ever since. He looks forward to the new consoles that are coming out and has been amazed how far gaming has come. Follow him on Facebook.

When it comes to PC gaming everyone focuses on the system more than anything else. What RAM, CPU and graphics card will let you push your gaming to the edge and beyond. But people forget that the most important components are the keyboard and mouse.

What good is it to build a system for thousands of dollars and then have a crappy keyboard that hinders your performance? Logitech has thought about this and they are releasing a solution called the Logitech G910 Orion Spark. But is this a keyboard that you are going to want to buy or should you stick with the one you have?

The first impressions of this keyboard is its reliability. When you feel this keyboard, it has some weight to it and reminds me of the old style IBM keyboards (the ones you could bash on all day and not even scratch).

This is similar as this keyboard is outfitted with Romer-G key switches which blends comfort with durability. These keys have been tested to last for 70 million keyboard strokes, making it the most durable keyboard on the market to date. Also because of these switches the keys are 25% faster, giving you better response time, which will give you the edge in online gaming.

When I first got the keyboard I jumped into a match of Black Ops 3 and my K/D was increased the first match I scored and 18-0 which I could not do on my older keyboard.

The keys themselves are also amazing as they are designed with performance fast keycaps that will keep your fingers on the keys instead of sliding all over the place. These do take a bit of getting used to and if you wanted to get a set of regular caps just contact Logitech and they will send you out a set.

The spectrum lives up to its name as it has the ability to illuminate over 16.8 million colors. You can also change from various patterns to set the mood while you game.

My favorite mode has to be the color wave where it alternates shades of colors either from the center, left or top of the keyboard. This definitely makes a difference gaming, or even surfing the web in a low light area as you can see the keys clearly. The reason for this is that the LED’s are mounted directly in the center of the keys giving you a clearer color on your keyboard.

Also included are some of the things that made the G Series famous in the first place from the 9 G Keys that can have macros stored over 3 modes (giving you 27 commands available at the touch of a key). There are also integrated media controls so you can stop, play, pause, fast forward or rewind with a simple keypress.

Also, 113 keys are outfitted with anti-ghosting technology, meaning that when you press a bunch of keys ALL of those keys will register and not just some of them. This is imperative in online shootouts as you need your keyboard to work and work well (or get fragged over and over).

The one thing that is missing for some is a screen that the older G series had but they went one better. Simply put, your cell phone in the Arx dock, install the software and let the magic begin. Arx control gives you everything that you will need on a small screen and it is a very handy tool to have at your disposal.

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You can view regular stats about your PC, including the temp of not only your CPU, but your video card as well! But there are apps tailored to the many games that are out there, including the Division, which I am playing a lot right now. The small screen lists all the weapons you have, how much damage you can do and other stats you can scroll through instead of bringing up a menu and interrupting your game.

The price of this keyboard might put a few people off from purchasing it, but let me put it this way. Let’s say you spend $50 for a keyboard and it breaks after 3 years and you go out and spend another $80 for a higher end keyboard which lasts only 2.

For the cost of those two keyboards you could have spent a little more and gotten the Orion Spark. With the technology that is crammed into this keyboard it is safe to say that this is going to last for years to come.

With responsive keys, brilliant LED’s and a gaming software that can keep track of minor details the Orion Spark is a clear winner. For more information on this and other gaming products that Logitech is creating go to and get ready to buy the only keyboard you’ll ever need.

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