Logitech VX Laptop Mouse Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed any product I bought, but it’s been even longer since I purchased one that really made me feel like I got my money’s worth. Thankfully, the VX is probably the most satisfying mouse I have ever bought.


If you share similar tastes to mine you’ll agree that this is one of the nicest-looking computer mouses in the market. Whilst Microsoft maintains a slightly more “gray” product line with round, and accentuated, curves, Logitech’s products usually have a slicker, more aggressive line, with darker colors. As much as I loved my old Wireless Notebook Mouse, the VX makes it look like a kid’s toy in comparison.

My Microsoft laptop mouse had an accentuated line in the middle that made it feel a bit more uncomfortable. Compared to it’s older brother, the Intelimouse, it definitely went a lot of steps back as an ergonomic device. The VX however feels like the proper “middle point” between a desktop mouse and a portable one. It’s as ergonomic as a desktop mouse, and comfortable to use, and slightly bigger than most mini laptop mice.


The VX is a very sturdy and solid device. On the top you’ll find a metal scrolling wheel (with a plastic ring wrapped around it for better grip) that sidescrolls when pushed sidewards and underneath it, a search button, which I never find the need to use. The buttons follow the “one piece” standard that most high-end Logitech mice do, meaning that the two share the same plastic cover and are only separated in the middle. Though that doesn’t improve how well you can click, it’s less likely to break if it had to take a fall.

The Zoom “button” is probably the thing I like the least about the mouse, and most of the people I showed it go agreed with me. While the rest of the mouse feels very robust and solid, the Zoom button can move up and down and has a spring attached that pulls it to the middle, but not in a smooth way. It’s also a bit uncomfortable to use since you have to put a bit of strain to move it up or down. But since I haven’t found the need to use it yet it doesn’t bother me very much.

The sidebuttons are flat rather than round. If you are used to Microsoft mouses, like I am, you’ll find them a bit harder to use. Even so, I found myself adapting to them rather quickly, unlike what I expected. It’s a small step back from Microsoft’s products, but remember this is a laptop mouse we’re talking about.

The wireless receiver is small and fits inside the back of the mouse. Unlike some other laptop mice I’ve seen which have a dent underneath where you fit the wireless receiver at. The VX has a small slot that is covered by a VCR-player-like “door” that slides when you fit it in, and a small button underneath that makes it pop-out. This method helps prevent the wireless module from accidentally jumping out of the mouse and turning it on when you’re carrying it in your case.


Ok, so it looks great, it’s comfortable,  but what most people want nowadays is a precise mouse. To be quite honest, since I bought my first gaming mouse, the Habu, I’ve started caring less about how precise a mouse can be. To me it’s more a matter of how well you can adjust to the product. The VX, like the Habu, uses a laser sensor, which besides sounding better as a selling point, also means that the mouse is more likely to work on most surfaces, and for now, I’ve yet to find one where I couldn’t use it.

With that said, the VX is not imprecise, not too sensible, not the opposite. The mouse is very “middle term” about everything: look, size and precision; and for me that’s perfect.

Bottom line

The VX has the best of all worlds in a well made package, for an acceptable price. That’s why I highly recommend this mouse for anyone who’s looking for a great laptop mouse that is good enough to be used as a desktop one.

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