Longhorn's CLI

One of Windows’s largest faults, at least as far as geeks and power users are concerned, is its CLI. While the CLI of NT/2k/XP is significantly more powerful than that of Windows 9x (don’t even get me started with that horrible thing), it looks like Longhorn is going to get a significant upgrade in this department.

Sure, you have been able to download tools like Cygwin for years, but it never really felt like it was a part of the OS to me – more like a tacked on app (the fact that it tries to apply a Unix-like file system on top of the Windows file system sure doesn’t help). Now, in Longhorn, users will get the power of a Unix CLI, but native on their Windows OS.

I don’t know if this is in the latest “released” Longhorn build (available to the attendees of the WinHEC conference last month and MSDN Universal subscribers), but it sounds like it’s in some recent Longhorn builds. I’ve downloaded the build from MSDN but haven’t had a chance to play with it yet. If it does contain the new CLI, then that’s quite a bit of incentive for me to installed it in a VM and give it a whirl.

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