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A Look Back at the One and Only New York Comic-Con 2019!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to make it to New York Comic-Con. With the abundance of great cons all over the west coast taking all of my time and money, it was always a stretch for me to justify hotel and flight costs on top of finding a way to get all the things I buy home with me without maxing out my credit card. But this was the year I had to do it.

With a little help from friends who let me stay at their place in Queens, I reacquainted myself with the subway system (and the 3 hour time difference) and found my way to the Javitz Center every morning just as the doors were opening. And when the doors closed each night, I still found the energy to explore the Greatest City in the World while carrying large bags of collectibles, from Greenwich Village to Hell’s Kitchen (Daredevil‘s stomping grounds) to Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

While I’ve been back to New York City many times over the years, I haven’t been able to make that trip when New York Comic-Con was scheduled. For the first time since 2012, I was back. After kicking off the week with a party at the Yotel, hosted by The Pop Insider, I hopped the 7 train to Hudson Yards and stepped inside. I was not disappointed. It all came rushing back and it was somehow bigger than I remember, even though it roughly filled the same exact space.

The place was packed with fans and cosplayers and collectors from around the world, all there to take part in the east coast’s biggest Comic-Con experience. And while I love all of the shows I visit all over the west coast, it was refreshing to see exhibitors and comic dealers and artists that I rarely if ever get to see in California. The same goes for the endless array of astounding cosplay. I recognized a few major cosplayers that I follow online, but for the most part, these were a host of new faces, costumes, and characters done in ways I had never seen before. I think I took more cosplay pictures in New York than I have at any other show this year – and I’ve been to a lot of shows!

Along the way, I got to experience a few things I had enjoyed in San Diego a few months ago, but in a whole new way, such as installations for The Expanse and Picard. Outside, they set up a walk through photo op for the upcoming Netflix movie sequel to Breaking Bad, “El Camino“, starring Aaron Paul. I took a nostalgic step into the Breaking Bad world, looking over all of the evidence culled by the FBI (including stacks of crates filled with “blue meth”), all in an attempt to find Jesse Pinkman and bring him to justice for his part in the notorious Heisenberg cooking scheme.

When I wasn’t filling in holes in my comic collection at an endless array of vendors or commissioning a sketch from a talented artist or two, I rested my feet by taking in a panel. I went to more than I usually do at cons, mainly because they were surprisingly accessible, including a chat with Chris Claremont, the most iconic X-Men comic writer in history beyond Stan Lee himself, and a panel for the Seth McFarlane sci-fi series “The Orville“. He, unfortunately, was the only major cast member who didn’t make it to the show.

To talk about everything I experienced at New York Comic-Con 2019 is almost too much to put into a single post (or a dozen!), so I’m going to let the pictures do the talking. This is only a small sample of the cosplay pictures I took while there. Take a good look at them. They might provide you with a hint where you can find more.

And if you were one of those cosplayers, comment here and let us know! As for me, I’m already working on a plan to return next year, if all goes according to plan. Maybe I and ForeverGeek will see you there!

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