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So, according to the interviews, DC's upcoming Trinity War starts with the death of one of the heroes. So, we've never seen that before.

So, according to the interviews, DC’s upcoming Trinity War starts with the death of one of the heroes. So, we’ve never seen that before, huh?

I want to be excited about my upcoming events, since it seems that nowadays we have plenty of advance notice as to their contents, but so far, what little that has been said does little to ignite my enthusiasm. Which rather goes to show that there is as much of an art to publicising the comic as there lies within the pages.

I want to know more about the Trinity Of Sin, as I am hoping that this is the particular trinity at war, although I am not really familiar with the new interpretations of the characters. Still, at least the Justice League of America is involved, which is by far the best of the Justice League titles. And whoever thought that Vibe could be interesting? From a badly constructed racial stereotype to a charmingly engaging character, and it only took twenty-five years of obscurity to accomplish!

Meanwhile, one of the best new creations I have read recently has to be The Tower Chronicles – Geisthawk, by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley. Although the artist was critically acclaimed for his work on 2000AD with Slaine and Judge Dredd, his style has never really appealed to me until now, but his focus on facial expressions makes the very well-written Tower and his supporting cast come to life. Published by Legendary, you may be able to find the first three issues around, but failing that, keep your fingers crossed for the trade. We may have had a slew of paranormal investigators and occult detectives in recent years, but this one has personality that is not by the numbers, and is a walking mystery in himself, one whose secrets it is a treat to guess at.

Of course, if you like the occult side of comics, one must look to the Hellboy universe, with B.P.R.D. and the upcoming Abe Sapien series. Very quietly, the Hellboy universe has expanded to a point where it could challenge that of the Grimm Fairy Tales, but with less T&A (yes, you know what that means), and in a manner that maintains a fresh flavour.

Meanwhile, if you like the big events, then I advise staying away from the advance solicitations. If these stories are to be as good as, say, AvX, then the adverts and interviews will not reveal anything, the twists will be in the pages, and you risk  suffering the comics’ ennui of feeling like you have seen it all before.

After all, what are the solicitations, bar the industries’ version of Twitter? There’s not a lot you can say in 140 characters, but it seems even less can be said in thirty words that all mean ‘BUY ME!’

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