Looking Forward to Our Geek Future

As we cross over into the second week of the month, I’ve been reflecting on March’s news thus far. Several pieces that point to interesting developments in our collective geek future have caught my eye. Here I’ve whittled them down to digestible bites to give you a quick glance at what we can anticipate, looking forward to this month and beyond.

Speaking of digestible bites…
…A team of scientists and culinary students produced edible printed objects using pureed foodstuffs instead of printer ink. While I’m not really sure what this means for our foodie future, aside perhaps from edible menus as automatic appetizers (bread baskets are so 2010), they’re printing up a veritable feast with chocolate, cheese, scallops, turkey, hummus and celery on the menu.

And in more printing news…
…A doctor has figured out a way to print new organs. Admittedly, I’m struggling to wrap my mind around this one. His research has thus far centered on printed kidneys. Comparing the process to baking a cake while printing a kidney on the TED stage, in essence a scan creates the image of the kidney to be replaced, while an accompanying tissue sample allows the printer to reproduce layer upon layer of kidney matter. The end result will, if perfected, be a functioning kidney – as of now there’s controversy as to whether or not the result is simply a kidney-shaped mold. Clearly this could have an enormous impact on organ transplants.

No food, no sleep, no potty breaks…
…Because Dragon Age II has launched in the US. The highly-anticipated game, which features a non-linear storyline and a crapload of dialog just like its predecessor, focuses on the tale of a predetermined character (as opposed to Origins PC customization). RPG aficionados can look forward to a month – or more – of solid gameplay to eclipse all other concerns in life.

Up, up and away…
…although I must say I can’t imagine the idea taking off anytime soon (no pun intended, of course). A National Geographic crew has created a replica of the house featured in the movie Up! for their new television series How Hard Can It Be?. While the concept of an actual house that flies under power of an actual bunch of helium balloons is pretty neat, for a great many obvious reasons it lacks any practicality whatsoever. But could it signal ideas for a future that takes “sky rise” to a whole new level?

Skype me, baybee…
…and on Facebook, no less. It could be that you’ll soon be able to launch a Skype video call to a Facebook friend. Rumors have it that Skype and Facebook have resumed their talks for a potential partnership. Keen Skypers have likely noticed that since Skype 5.0’s release it’s been possible to voice call Facebook friends, but video has remained missing, due to the two companies’ inability to reach an agreement…yet.

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