Lord of the Rings is Coming to LEGO!

LEGO Lord of the Rings: Coming in 2012

I can die happy now.

Warner Bros. and LEGO have partnered to create a line of brand new LEGO sets based on next year’s The Hobbit — and legacy sets based on The Lord of the Rings.It’s a match that geeks have been begging for for years, and it’s really happening! Next Christmas (2012), The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is coming to theaters. But starting in June of ’12, you’ll be able to buy your very own LEGO Lord of the Rings sets, followed by LEGO The Hobbit sets later in the year.


Dear Santa LEGO,

I want Helm’s Deep, Minas Tirith, Edoras, Isengard, Shire, Minas Morgul, Black Gate of Mordor, Balrog, Rivendell, Smaug the Dragon, Treebeard… oh my goodness the mind just boggles! Oh, and also please get me Nazgul minifigures and I’ll never ask you for anything else!

Man, to be a fly on the wall in Billund, Denmark, where employees of The LEGO Group must right now be dreaming up the LEGO sets that will come out next year! BEST. JOB. EVER. And being the video game geek that I am, my mind immediately goes to the thought of TT Games putting out a LEGO Lord of the Rings video game. Come on, you know they must be thinking it, too. It’s way too lucrative an idea to pass up. Plus, it comes with a built-in sequel — a game with levels based on The Hobbit. For all we know TT Games could be in production on a Tolkien LEGO game already!

LEGO’s already set up a placeholder page at thelordoftherings.lego.com, where they’ll announce more details about their plans next year.

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