Lord of the Rings Stained Glass Style Art

There are days when everything just doesn’t seem to go easily. I suppose we all go through those off days, and there’s not much we can do but ride it out. Today seems to be one of those days for me, but am I grateful that I came across a gallery on deviantART that quickly gave me a boost.

Jian Guo goes by the name breathing2004 on deviantART, and he has gathered quite a decent following thanks to his stained glass style artwork. The gallery I chanced upon features Lord of the Rings stained glass style art. I thought it but perfect since I had just finished my nth re-reading of The Hobbit, thanks to the hype surrounding the upcoming movie. Gazing at Guo’s work, things indeed seem to take a turn for the better.

Take a look at Guo’s Lord of the Rings stained glass style art, and be prepared to be impressed.

Welcome From Lothlorien

Rest in Gildor’s Forest

Gates of Argonath

Deep Into Moria

Birthday Party of Baggins

What did I tell you?

Do you want to get your hands on these and hang them up on your wall? Head over to breathing2004’s page and order prints!

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