Police in the UK this week seized multiple ‘concerning’ weapons that are straight from the world of Lord of the Rings.

In this rather unique seizure, the local police were initially baffled by the fantasy weapon clampdown as multiple swords appeared to have come from The Lord of the Rings franchise.

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‘Lord of the Rings’ swords and knives seized by police

Earlier this week, Leyland Police in Lancashire, United Kingdom announced a rather unusual seizure of weapons from an unknown member of the public.

In an image shared of the seizure, four large ornate swords can be seen alongside various short swords and knives; many including scabbards decorated in gold patterns and fantasy-style hilts.

Rather obviously, the weapons themselves are not from any particular show or franchise, but the designs of the seized swords are similar enough to the fantasy style of The Lord of the Rings for the police to take note of.

In a statement shared with the Lancashire Telegraph, Leyland Police took the opportunity to joke about the likelihood of these weapons being from The Lord of the Rings film trilogy:

“Rest assured we have not been filming the latest installation of The Lord of The Rings here in Leyland, these were all handed in to a local community group to pass on to ourselves to destroy.”

The spokesperson explained how whilst it was “concerning that these could have been out in the public,” the more likely scenario was that these swords would have been “part of someone’s [personal] display.”

“We often get display weapons handed in and some historic knives such as WW2 bayonets. If you have anything like this in the house and not sure how best to get rid of them, please get in touch via 101 or online.”

Whilst the authorities in the UK are desperately trying to seize and destroy as many of these weapons as possible, it’s actually not the first time that such terrific swords have been found this year.

In May, Darwen Police arrested four people after a “violent incident” resulted in a samurai sword being recovered, and in July, Northumbria Police arrested two people for drug possession only to find another samurai sword stashed with over £20,000 in cash.

Sky News also previously reported that over 200 arrests were made as part of a week-long raid between late February and early March of this year, with “a number of swords, including a Japanese-style katana” seized.

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