More Lovecraft For Kids! - Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms Graphic Novel


We have more Lovecraft goodness here for fans of his work! Aracana’s popular series of children’s Lovecraft books by Bruce Brown are coming to Kickstarter to seek funding for for hardback editions of their series of books.

The story is about a book with unimaginable power that falls into the hands of Howard Lovecraft when he is a child:

Hidden away from the world is a dangerous book filled with forbidden knowledge . For ages the mere possession of the book has driven men to madness. On Christmas Eve, the unthinkable happens; the book is placed in the hands of a child. Unaware of its dangers, Howard Lovecraft opens the books and speaks aloud its forbidden knowledge. Join Howard and his elder god companion Spot as they enter three kingdoms of terrifying creatures and monstrous villains all seeking to gain possession of Howard’s book.

 “We took elements of Lovecraft’s real life and elements of his work and we combined them together to make a story accessible to children”

   Bruce Brown – creator Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms

Pledge levels start at just $5 for a digital copy of the book ‘The Frozen Kingdom’, $25 gets you a printed hardback copy of the book but the best pledge has to be the plush toy of ‘Spot’ the elder god at $50.

 The series has some fantastic artwork and has received praise from The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, Planet Lovecraft magazine and a variety of other publications. Bruce also has an animated series in production too.

Howard Lovecraft & the Three Kingdoms Hardback Graphic Novel is currently on Kickstarter with 23 days to go.


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