Lucille's Meal: Daryl Is NOT In The Walking Dead Promo Photo for Next Season

I knew it, and I told everyone from day one, and if I am wrong I will stand firmly behind it and admit it, but this new promo photo for Walking Dead season 7 proves my theory to me. It shows us that Negan (and the lovely Lucille) are standing in front of someone. Who from the cast do we not see? Oh my, Daryl Dixon. That someone is whoever Negan picked to bash in their brains to make a point to the group. I know it isn’t Glenn (SPOILERS, they don’t follow comic) and anyone else people would be MEH about, but killing Daryl? The internet and social media will BLOW UP, and that is about the best press TV shows can get (Jon Snow anyone?).

Other reasons it has to be Daryl:

They emphasized the angel wings on his vest all last season, and in the opening credits of last season, the vest was hung up (as if the wings were floating. They always foreshadow the season’s biggest death in each season’s intro).

He blew up a massive amount of Negan’s crew with a F*CKING ROCKET. You all think Negan has no idea who did that, but we KNOW Negan has eyes everywhere.

Negan said “taking it like a champ” as he was beating the person, and that is a phrasing that is often used as more masculine than feminine

And the big, second to last reason:

He has his own show now where he tours the country on a motorcycle and hangs out and bangs hot chicks. Pretty sure touring the country on a bike is not conducive to eight months of filming a different show in one location. Do the math, it is clear to see.

But the real reason:

You ladies are gonna be SO PISSED, and the outcry is gonna make the show more famous than it has ever been. Just wait and watch, this promo shot says it all. I loved you, too, Daryl, but they wanna hit us in the nuts, so now it’s time to reunite with your shitty big brother Merle in the great beyond.

And make no mistakes when this happens, I WILL say I told you so, so you better make your peace now.

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