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The Force Continues To Awaken: Why Luke is PROBABLY Not Rey's Father

I have written quite a few Star Wars articles post The Force Awakens release, but with good reason. The movie was everything fans of the past series wanted and everything newcomers to the galaxy far, far away needed. From the screen wipes that reminded us of the first trilogy to the soaring score by John Williams, this was Star Wars reborn, and reborn like the phoenix from the flames (those flames being parts one, two, and three). But there has been one thing every geek and movie site seems to be heavily implying about Rey’s roots (I, myself, having been guilty as well): That Rey is most likely the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

BUT (and there is always a but)….

if this new trilogy IS a sort of reboot (which anyone who has seen it can tell you it sort of is) then we should NOT expect Luke to be Rey’s father. So who is Rey’s father? Remember, if this is a rebooted series, this means we are getting a VERY DARK second movie and most likely a revelatory moment when we do find out who Rey’s parents really were and why they abandoned her.

Remember, if this is a rebooted series, this means we are getting a VERY DARK second movie and most likely a revelatory moment when we do find out who Rey’s parents really were and why they abandoned her.

Empire Strikes Back was an unsettling glimpse into what it’s like when the bad guys get the upper hand and dish out a curve ball, and why should we expect part 8 to not follow that stellar tradition?

The Myriad of Questions


So if Rey is not Luke’s daughter how come his lightsaber called to her? How come she had visions of Luke if they are not blood-related? How is she so skilled in the force, yet so unaware of it up until we meet her? The reality is, heavy, justified questions like that will not be answered here. The wonderful thing about the Star Wars universe is speculation, and that is all I will be doing here. Speculating about if Rey and Luke are related, and if not, who connects them and how?

We all know half the fun of a world this expansive and fully realized is in theorizing places where it might go, and considering we won’t know until next year, why don’t we have some fun doing just that for a few hundred words?

Also, keep in mind, Luke could TOTALLY still be here dad. Thing is….

The “Luke” Angle Is Too Easy


Do you really think they will just gift wrap it and hand it to us that easily? Yes, all arrows may seem to POINT to Rey being the daughter of Luke, but doesn’t that bother you a bit? The very idea that Luke Skywalker (and whoever’s fertile soil his seed found purchase in) would just abandon their daughter on some scavenger planet full of shady folks? That kind of breaks the Jedi code, right? Being a dick is against the Jedi code, right, because that kind of a dick thing to do to your kid.

What makes it even more dickish is the fact that she knows so little and has no closure. Again, I know love can blind a Jedi, but you don’t just toss your kid away on a planet and fly off to train your other friend (and sister’s) wicked emo kid. It just seems mean and makes no sense.

But if it isn’t Luke….

Who The Hell Could It Be?


Your Mother, okay? Your Mother could be Rey’s father. The point I am making so horribly here is, we have just been given this universe back, and we do not know all who inhabit it yet. Could there be an off-chance we may not have met her folks yet? Yes. this is Star Wars.

Could it be that her Dad is Luke and her Mom is the new leading lady in Rogue One? Nope, Disney had already asked everyone to let that theory go (kind of) so we will. Could she be related to Kylo Ren? Well, almost certainly, but again, who knows. Don’t see you, that is the whole point of this and what makes it so awesome. This is Star Wars. The truth is, it could go anywhere.

But if I know anything I know me some Star Wars, and if they are following a basic blueprint of the first three movies with these most recent three, we better expect to be floored when we find out who Rey’s parents are by the time Star Wars 8 comes out in 2017.

I, for one, cannot wait.

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