LunaTik Pen = Stylus and Ballpoint in One


There is something to be said about using a stylus on tablet devices. Even the Galaxy Note comes with its own stylus. I guess there are just some things which a stylus can do better than a mere fingertip can. Still, there is the inconvenience of having to keep track of where your stylus is. While there is a nook to store the tool in, there is always the possibility of losing it. That is just almost impossible with your finger, isn’t it?

But what if your stylus doubles as a ballpoint pen, increasing its value, and perhaps lessening the chances of you forgetting about it and losing it? That is what Scott Wilson has conceived and launched as a Kickstarter project. The fundraising is going pretty well, and the news is that the LunaTik pen will be out by spring of 2012.

The idea behind the LunaTik pen is simple: the tool has the rubber nib at the end, just like any other stylus. The big bonus is that a ballpoint can extend beyond the rubber nib, allowing the user to write notes on his favorite notebook. In the case of Wilson and his team, they switch between their Moleskins and iPad. With their invention, they only need one device to do their notetaking, scribbling, sketching, or whatever it is that they do.

Here’s an interesting image of the design elements of the LunaTik pen.

Lunatik Design

The LunaTik pen comes with a plastic or aluminum body with an ink cartrdige inside. From the looks of it, a lot of attention has been put on the design. Take a look at the sample pens below.


I really do not have any use for a stylus, but this would make for a cool gift. What about you? Would you be interested in getting your hands on this stylus-pen?

LunaTik Kickstarter Page

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